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  1. http://www.petri.co.il/forgot_administrator_password.htm Try this - worked for me! ...Spence
  2. I'm guessing this might solve your problem Get into folder view (Ctrl + 6) Right click on the contacts folder and choose properties Click on outlook adress book Put a tick in the box that says 'Show this folder as an email address book' Click on OK See if it helps ...Spence
  3. Hi there, I'd start getting everything else n that partition (and physical drive) backed up if something is failing. If you can get everything else off the partition, can you format it? Also, I'm sure that seagate must do some sort of tools to test drives - maybe those are worth trying BUT check if they destroy data before you try them. ...Spence
  4. Hi there, I'm Spence, locally referred to as the Computer Monkey I look after about 50 computers, 6 servers and other bits and pieces. Used to Windows 2003, XP, Exchange, ISA and just about everything else the M$ produce. Trying to get into linux but always seem too busy - still haven't worked out if this is good or bad but .... See you soon ...Spence