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  1. Sorry.. here is the kink to that program...
  2. well.... you can check your Folder settings. when the folder pops up, Click tools >>> folder options. you will get a folder options window. CLick the view tab, and scroll down to a setting that says "restore Previous window at Windows logon" IF thaat box is checked, uncheck it. then reboot, and see if htat works. dont forget to look at Sys.ini, and Win.ini. sometimes run commands get stuck in there. here is a very usefull freeware utility for checking startup folders. let me know if this helps.
  3. Can you be more Specific? what software did you install? More software has a restore setting, have you tried that? Have you tried untinstalling that software to confirm that was the issue? try some basic trouble shooting Techniques. and post your errors.
  4. Hey Everyone, I am new to the board. My Experiance goes from old school Dos/Windows days, to the present time windows systems. I hope i can offer help. i with i had found this is a priceless liberary of information a long time ago. Congrats to the people who maintain it.