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  1. Fitted new hard drive , is now running all sweet , all thanks to you guys for giving me correct diagnosis , Btw , spoke to guy at pc world , he said mother board was fried , shows what he knew , lol ,
  2. Well I think the hard drive is physically damaged beyond repair , I tried slaving it on my second machine with no joy , I would like to thank you guys for all your input.
  3. Yep , all understood , make sure it has high power rating , low nano's and isn't a cheapo , thanks ,
  4. Thanks for replies and suggestions guys , was worth a try , anyways , turn's out my hard drive is the problem , so , new hard drive it is , Yeh zxian , if only I had the sense to buy one before the incident , oh well , we live and learn , after all , prevention is better than cure , and much cheaper too.
  5. Yeh , bob & his family sure are cooking , these ip signature's you guys make are great , How about bob having a wife / girlfriend or mistress ? , after all he does have a daughter. What would you like Bob to look like and say?
  6. Had xp with sp2 running , all working fine , then during a lighting storm I had a powercut , when my home power was restored , tried turning computer back on , kept on half booting up , then blue screen of death would appear and then computer would restart , after 30 attempts I thouhgt I would try to reinstall fresh os from disc , now , when I try to reinstall I get the same error - " an unexpected error (1024) occurred at line 5152 in d:\xpsp1\base\boot\setup\setup.c. " , Ive also tried deleting hard drive at boot with killdisk and webroot system eraser , but both are getting the error " error 4 can't read sector 0 " , Im that close to throwing this computer at the wall , please help ?