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  1. Re-read the first post. The "plug-in" is installed in each individual user's FireFox Profile folder - per instance (yes, you can have more than one, in addition to User's Default). Beware that the entries indicate are a *must* for it to function (as well as install). As you should know by now, that's the only way to get it.
  2. SATA - loose or not connecting well or near *any* powered wires. I have a perfectly good 320gb that got read errors only - SMART decided it was bad (it isn't) and have to use it in a PC that I can turn that off in BIOS. Be sure to use the "clip" kind of cable so it doesn't jar loose (if you haven't already). Just a thought...
  3. Kind of looks like 7-Zip took it over. Check the settings in that.
  4. Haven't been on for a few days, so late reply. Right-click and Run As Administrator?
  5. Nope, sorry, I don't. And yes, I know "Groove" is a pay service. That's why I said "need I say more" because it's about MS' OS+WMP+$$$. That was the whole point of indicating using (if possible/found) direct links to a given music file that can be "streamed". You did read the links saying as much, didn't you? The given websites will have a server streaming the file directly into WMP. MS tossed the MediaGuide (free) and instituted Groove ($$$). Did you note that Groove is also available for non-Windows OS Media Players as well? Again, it was about the $. Good luck in your search for an alternative "free" media guide. If you find one, let us know.
  6. Which Flash version? I assume the latest? Did you get the Full Installers from here?
  7. Did you try to manually run "NvCplSetupInt.exe"?
  8. re - MS Update Catalog - indeed good news. FireFox uses it's own DL manager instead of the stinky MS one.
  9. GUI Front-End v7.0 plus QEMU v0.11.1 (older, apparently from 2010) - Also, unless you really want to Upgrade (to keep DOS/Win3.x), you're aware you can force your version (RTM) to act like a Full (to Clean Install) via an MSBATCH.INF, right? I guess I could dig around to see if I have an old Cirrus driver that may work for you. Please note that I *do* have QEMU (0.9->0.11) but have never used it because I generally use MS-VPC/Windows-VPC. I'm also unaware if the above Manager will work with later versions of QEMU.
  10. Windows 10 - Need I say more? As a matter of fact, this link has a link to old site which redirects to Groove. Unless it can be hacked to another "Media Guide" somehow you'll have to "work around" directly linking (I assume) a given song from a given website's streamed selections.
  11. Well! I was *assuming* that Win-X Free was over, but apparently only for Auto-Update and for any/all (Retail/OEM). This says you can still get it if have a legit Retail key. Not that I *really* wanted it, but... More info (re out of luck, with previously posted screenshot) - According to that, there's still 56% of PC's running Win7 (until January 2020 at least), so... And whatever "Assistive Technologies" is...
  12. @2635599 ARGHHH MY EYES!!!! I'd appreciate it, too. (P.S. the link to your MemberID at the left is automatic).
  13. ? Was there any *other* specs listed from Everest (the SUBSYSTEM-ID part defines EXACTLY what it is)? There are several variations of EMU10K1 (etc etc). I found this - that references CT4830/CT4832. There's one set "EMU10K1.INF (uses VXD's not, WDM) I have and the mentioned in link one uses a different one WSII10K1.INF (uses WDM) that I also have. Hang loose - still digging. But seriously, the FULL Ven/Dev info would have made it easier *and* any OTHER markings other than just what you gave. *** I'll note that the on linked to in the above link is NEWER and does NOT apply, so don't bother downloading (as I already did). OK!!! I found what MAY be yours. There's even a file inside called "CTCQ10K1.INF" with the following inside of it (note that I'm assuming that the CQ part stands for "Compaq"). ; Description ; This inf file contains the following device for installation ; a. CT4830 - SBLive! Value (PCI\VEN_1102&DEV_0002&SUBSYS_80261102) ; Date : 7 Oct '99 ; Revision : 1.05.000 Note the SUBSYS value. Go back into Everest and see if it matches. If so, then that's the one you want. Be aware that the download is 30.2mb and is from DriverGuide. A "downloader" will be given - go ahead and download it and RUN IT, and DECLINE any extra "junk" it asks you if you want (DUH, nope, just the Driver, Dude!). It's a self-extracting WinZip and you'll find it in your UserProfile's "Download" folder (or maybe the ROOT, e.g. C-Driver Download folder). If that's the one, we're done. If not, back to the drawing board.
  14. 5. Too old. There's a newer one to get to the new MS WSUS Servers (they change over a while back). 6. "The error code 0x80072EFF means ERROR_INTERNET_CONNECTION_RESET." The Server is busy. 7. AFTER reboot? By AU??? (see #6). 8. Um-kay... 9. -EDIT- That will screw you up! POS trick is ONLY for Standard XP Pro. MCE is a SPECIALIZED edition for "specific" hardware. MCE2005 should already be at SP2. BTW, MCE2005 is just an "update" to MCE2004. -EDIT- MCE2005 is "Symphony" and stands alone (above MCE2004) and the UR2 pulls you to MCE2005 "Emerald". Theoretically, SP3 should have been offered next. BTW, MCE2005 should have automatically installed dotNet (AFAIK), so why would you install it from the folder? -EDIT2 (all of the following)- It appears that "Symphony" automatically installs dotNetv1.0.3 (v1.0 SP3) - that's what's in the "CMPNENTS\NETFX\I386\NETFX.CAB" (basically, v1.0 with the KB867461 "merged"). So, you installed dotNETv1.1 (and the NDPSP.EXE, which was v1.1-SP1), which WAS correct. Now, the UR2 would be Emerald and SHOULD have been a little bit less than 30mb. The procedure you used was confirmed against my Dell MCE2005+UR2 DVD (it has extra "goodies" in the OEM folder). Anyhow, SP3 should have been the very next thing, aside from any dotNet updates. Currently do *not* have MCE2005 (Dell-branded) installed, so I'm afraid I won't be able to make heads/tails of your "problem". Directly download IE8 and install it as well. WU doesn't like IE6 much anymore. -EDIT- And install that LATEST WUA as well.