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  1. Keyboard (includes... DRIVERS): Odd. Your Mouse is showing as a Mass Storage Device. (DOH!) An AS2105 isn't a mouse! ASMedia USB 3.0 External HDD Enclosure! Your "mouse" is part of the Keyboard? I see you have *TWO* HID devices as part of (beneath) the Keyboard's Composite Device entry. Nope! Razer DeathAdder - And there *ARE* drivers for the Razer mouse. *BOTH* appear to be "customizable* (the Mouse says DRIVER is, even!) Value 2200E *appears* to be a Cyberpower USB UPS (Uninterruptible Power Source). Have you installed the Drivers for the devices?
  2. Probably gonna stick my foot in my <select any orifice> and ask - is USB Legacy Support enabled in BIOS? (You do, after all, have PS/2 ports.)
  3. HID (Human Interface Device) = USB (or am I just plain crazy? )
  4. The computer that I'm using used to have Windows 8 Pro when I first got it in February 2014. However, I erased the OEM code in the UEFI BIOS and used Compatibility Support Module (CSM) when I downgraded to Windows Vista Ultimate. Could you clarify the above? I got gifted an HP Pro 3500 that comes with Windows 7 Pro and "upgradable" to Windows 8.1 Pro. Both SLIC2.1 and the Win8.1 key are embedded in the BIOS' MSDM. I considered for giggles installing the 8.1 and activating it but I refuse to clobber it. I did, however, install it but not activate it (did it offline - first time I fiddled with Win8 and yeesh!). Are you saying that Windows does weird stuff to the BIOS? (No way!) Side note: I did not use the Secure-Whatchamacallit setting in the BIOS, only the UEFI / GPT stuff. (Also my first time utilizing those). Both Win7 and Win8.1 installed fine, both UEFI and Legacy. edit: Well, shoot! Maybe the Win8.1 was installed strictly UEFI/GPT... (both installs were x64, BTW) edit2: o_O (and post following)
  5. Re-read the first post. The "plug-in" is installed in each individual user's FireFox Profile folder - per instance (yes, you can have more than one, in addition to User's Default). Beware that the entries indicate are a *must* for it to function (as well as install). As you should know by now, that's the only way to get it.
  6. SATA - loose or not connecting well or near *any* powered wires. I have a perfectly good 320gb that got read errors only - SMART decided it was bad (it isn't) and have to use it in a PC that I can turn that off in BIOS. Be sure to use the "clip" kind of cable so it doesn't jar loose (if you haven't already). Just a thought...
  7. Kind of looks like 7-Zip took it over. Check the settings in that.
  8. Haven't been on for a few days, so late reply. Right-click and Run As Administrator?
  9. Nope, sorry, I don't. And yes, I know "Groove" is a pay service. That's why I said "need I say more" because it's about MS' OS+WMP+$$$. That was the whole point of indicating using (if possible/found) direct links to a given music file that can be "streamed". You did read the links saying as much, didn't you? The given websites will have a server streaming the file directly into WMP. MS tossed the MediaGuide (free) and instituted Groove ($$$). Did you note that Groove is also available for non-Windows OS Media Players as well? Again, it was about the $. Good luck in your search for an alternative "free" media guide. If you find one, let us know.
  10. Which Flash version? I assume the latest? Did you get the Full Installers from here?
  11. Did you try to manually run "NvCplSetupInt.exe"?
  12. re - MS Update Catalog - indeed good news. FireFox uses it's own DL manager instead of the stinky MS one.
  13. GUI Front-End v7.0 plus QEMU v0.11.1 (older, apparently from 2010) - Also, unless you really want to Upgrade (to keep DOS/Win3.x), you're aware you can force your version (RTM) to act like a Full (to Clean Install) via an MSBATCH.INF, right? I guess I could dig around to see if I have an old Cirrus driver that may work for you. Please note that I *do* have QEMU (0.9->0.11) but have never used it because I generally use MS-VPC/Windows-VPC. I'm also unaware if the above Manager will work with later versions of QEMU.
  14. Windows 10 - Need I say more? As a matter of fact, this link has a link to old site which redirects to Groove. Unless it can be hacked to another "Media Guide" somehow you'll have to "work around" directly linking (I assume) a given song from a given website's streamed selections.