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  1. FWIW, AFAICR, there are two variations of the driver. Maybe the wrong one? "I installed drivers by myself. If i remember right then i need 2 drivers to get it working. (Renesas Electronics drivers)"
  2. I assume you checked "Remember my credentials"?
  3. Should be included in Vista.
  4. XP x64 is a subset of Server2k3 x64, the same as the 32-bit variation, so no, you're understanding is backwards. This is the case for all Server products - always "more", not "less". As for a "slim version image" somewhere, no, and even if there were we aren't allowed to link to it. Start from unaltered and nLite/slim it as you wish. Here's a link to a big list of post-sp2 fixes, disregarding "removal" of components (in which you're on your own) -
  5. Riptides were commonly used in HP OEM machines. You may or may not have a good driver for it, noting that several variations of Riptide existed. (Note - I have one or two of them myself.) They're not really that good. And that buzzing/crackling sound like it may be kaput, i.e. the outputs are bad and/or simply extremely dirty (riptides are old).
  6. As do I. As well as NoScript. Clean as a whistle for me. Although I'm really confused as to why (even without the two addon/plugins) it would mangle your display.
  7. JFYI, the VHD has MS-specific (and MS-key), the same as any other OEM and if the pseudo-BIOS doesn't contain the correct character string, you'll have to "mod" the BIOS. AFAICT, both VirtualBox and VMWare allow for that (somehow), basically "inserting" it in. I've read about this before. You'll have to "activate" it within 30 days (AFAIK). You can run XP-Mode in MS-VirtualPC also but the same applies. Windows7 has the "built-in" (the Pro/Ultimate?) but there's also the Windows VirtualPC that has that "built-in" to it as well (AFAICR) and I believe I tried it in my Win7 machine. JFYI, I believe there's a "trick" to allow it to install on "other-than Win7" (e.g. Vista/Win8). Also about that.
  8. Not yet trying SP4, fully-up-to-date, no POSReady updates, FFv46, and here's the link. Looks like the "header" part is somehow misplaced (that block of code).
  9. No. It only downloads Updates. There's two parts - 1- The WUD Program 2- The UL that it uses as a list The idea with it is to "integrate" or manually install. BTW, the UL is out-dated (obsolete). Go to the last page of this topic and get the link to the latest. Remember, THE LAST PAGE!!!
  10. Still alive and well, Still alive and well,
    Every now and then I know it's kinda hard to tell
    But I'm still alive and well.

    Just checked in to see what condition my condition was in.

    Have a great weekend. Got a sound gig tomorrow.

    1. dencorso


      Glad to hear it! How was the gig?

    2. submix8c


      YEESH! Made it work. Had two guys (roadies/assistants) help me. Dunno what I'll get paid. Thank God for Pixie Dust, since the PA owner (dude who set the job up) *never* gives correct info. Good band, though. cincyrockersDOTcom/music to see what they sound like. Our mix wasn't too far off, except live.

  11. Huh??? "meaningless unicode"??? Do you have English with MUI installed? Have you "swapped" a Non-English file into an English Install. Sorry, but that makes no sense! You'll have to provide more info than "I blew up. Now I made it "STOP" to see the message." Exactly WHAT do you have installed and WHAT have you fiddled with (swapped or whatever)? BTW - read this through. Claims (in the end) it was a hardware error. Hmmm - you applied the patch you indicate here?
  12. Naturally, because they were to busy creating the new monstrosity to care about anything else. Look at all the XP Post-SP3 fixes. Also note the "End Of Support" method, which precludes "bumping" Win7 into another cycle.
  13. Turn off Auto-Restart On Failure and tell us what you see.
  14. Well, that confused me... If Win7, no SP, you'll need SP1. Now comes the Convenience Rollup. No go to Windows Update and see what gets tossed at you Post-Rollup and get those. SOP, right? (Nothing else matters?)
  15. "Doesn't give me an option in my router's properties" doesn't make sense. The Router is an independent piece of hardware/software. I searched for that Wireless model and found this right away. You really shouldn't depend on XP to give the proper Driver. I have a D-Link USB and it will *not* work without the correct driver. Go here, read, download, install, and see if it "fits".