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  1. yo everyone, i'm having that same problem with the paritioning at an unattended setup. haven't tried it yet, but i'm looking at the command autopartition=0. is 0 the only value you can enter or not? do we need to enter the value 1? because if this value doesn't work then autopartition=0 means disable. so i'm going with these lines and check: [Data] AutoPartition=1 [unattended] FileSystem=NTFS Repartition=Yes This part has to work, even if these values of mine aren't right. come on man, why do they call it unattended setup. oh yes, can someone help me with the $EOM$ Distribution Folder? Then i mean where do i make the folders or something, not clear to me yet and tested it with making a user, but nor working. ok terla people