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  1. Hi Fernando, I try to figure out something : the website you're talking about (Station-Drivers) contains nForce 4 drivers that are stamped version 8.12. On the other hand, nVidia offer the 6.66 nForce 4 drivers (AMD Edition). What are the differences between the two packages ?
  2. Hi guys and gals, For the past 4 days I had lots of problems installing RAID 0 with a friend of mine, on his brand-new machine. I found this topic (refered by Short-Media.com forums) and FINALLY managed to install my RAID 0 setup without a single hiccup. Thanks to you guys, especially Fernando ;-) I : - Updated my BIOS to the latest release (1009.001, September 13th 2005 release) - Enabled ACPI (it was on by default) - Installed XP using the special unattended install CD, using the FIRST method mentionned in the first message of the thread (modified version of WINNT.SIF). One thing though : make sure that you include these lines in the WINNT.SIF file : [Data] OemDrivers=OemInfFiles [OemInfFiles] OemDriverFlags=1 OemDriverPathName="%SystemRoot%\OemDir" OemInfName="whatever_driver_inf_file","any_other_driver_inf_file" My WINNT.SIF did not have "Data" section and I almost omitted the "OemDriverFlags=1" Also, I have a question : what is the better driver to use ? I only tried the one from the nVidia nForce drivers package but I wonder if the Silicon Image 3114 works better... I did not compare the two 'cause I only wanted RAID 0 to work and since then, I don't touch anything else ;-) What you think ? The configuration : - Athlon 64 X2 3800+ - Asus A8N-E, BIOS 1009.001 - 2 * 512 Mo DDR400 Corsair Value (eventually 2 * 512 DDR400 Corsair XMS TwinX) - 2 * 80 GB Seagate 7200.7 SATA in a RAID 0 configuration - Windows XP w/Service Pack 2 and nForce 6.66 Drivers
  3. Hi guys, I just signed in to the forum here at MSFN. Let's hope it'll be useful in the next days, weeks or months.