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  1. Trying both external USB CD-ROM (with no BIOS boot) or copying the ISO to the harddrive (internal IDE) Rick
  2. Tried both the n00dles approach and mats, and get the cursor flashing on boot, rather than booting my winpe.iso image Used WinPE supplied with Embedded Studio, and created an ISO image using Barts BCD process, with the ramdisk.sys from Windows 2003 SP1 source. Have managed to get WinPE dual-booting using the bootsect.dat file, but this will be no use in the environment I am creating. I have got legacy hardware that does not have External USB boot (and does not have an internal CD-ROM). I will not have the option of PXE boot into WinPE. The only thing I have is a floppy drive, which I can get to see the External USB DVD-ROM, but you cannot get WinPE to then boot (as there is no run EXE you can run from DOS to kick of the WinPE startup!). The only way I could see is to copy a Ghost image across to the harddrive which contained WinPE running in a RamDrive. Does anybody have any ideas why my WinPE ISO would not boot? Can anybody think of a better way? Rick