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  1. thx. i'll try some addons then.
  2. Can program addons be uninstalled in the future so i can install newer versions of that programs? like spywareblaste, spybot and so on... thx
  3. try this. read the info. i'm sure thats the only thing you need to stream media. the program itself explains what you need and what you don't need.
  4. thx. i'm going to search for it.
  5. i installed xpize and it works great. but i don't know which file i have to backup if i want to keep logon. is it logonui.exe in system32 or xpize_logon.exe? I tried to use them both after xpize unistallation but it doesn't work. i know it's made by seven of nine. can i download it somewhere else? thx