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  1. Ok but what can people that even have IT background do except for moving abroad to get an IT job, if taxes or making profits are such a big issue that they rather oursource? Not everyone wants to work lets say in Brazil(because many would think wow the sunshine, the beach), not everybody is comfortable with leaving the state one lived in since the birth.
  2. It were 1391€ brutto. according to the job description I still have lying around. Partly unthinkable 500€, some people earned 500€/months ore more at internships (so when they still attended school). Also under 1400 are rare in the mean time. Most people now get 1500 or more. One call-center job was paid 1444€/fulltime (40 hours/week). By default full-time is 38,5 hours in my country. But some jobs still have the 40 hours.
  3. Sorry for not answering the whole questions. No I never was into Adobe Photoshop, Cinema4D, Maya etc. Im not skilled in creative stuff, althought being introverted, which sometimes is indeed an aspect that provides big creativity on the other side. And about the body language. I got an explanation, that I should ask "profesionals" to improve on my body-language. Seems they think Im not expressing myself the way I talk or that its not "synced". Meaning some people look unsure, but tell something they are totally sure of. Im such a type. No hand-moving gestures, no fixating people with my eyes, theres barely any body-language involved in my rhetorics, thats mainly becuase of my shyness. In Japan this would be ok, but not in the Western world, where shyness is bad because "you got something to hide" xD. Crazy. I even got into trouble because of my body-langauge a few times. Like buying chewing gum only in a supermarket, and immediately when I left the so called "supermarket cops/securities" made a "body-check". But ofcourse I didnt steal anything. Unluckily that was just a few months after a company fired me in the very first month. I was 22. So when people treat you bad you feel bad of yourself too sometimes. In my case that happened atleast. And these people really love it to get on my nerves some times. I dont know why, sometimes people like the police stopped me when I was walking around on the pedestrian area at evening/night. It really stopped me having fun like I did when I was younger. Its very sick what people expect from people just because of the personal appearance or body-language.
  4. Thats interesting. I unluckily never got the famous lines to hear "your overqualified". But its still an interesting aspect to think about.
  5. That might be true. 4 years ago I had a job interview with a japanese company in IT. They searched for somebody that does "Dispatching" the description was "Service Desk Agent". However they also told me that they have (I think) 24 hours service and there are colleges in Lodz (Poland). So without wanting to be "prejudicing" it seems they cannot afford so many employees in some countries.
  6. Submit?! What do you mean? I attended all of them. It were 59 after the last one that was recently. Maybe 4 of them I decided not to take the job since one of them was more a front desk/receptionist like work. And Im rather shy. These 59 interviews also include 2 jobs were I worked in a call-center and got fired in the first month. I dont count these jobs as IT however because it wasnt IT-specific rather the usual call-center stuff and maybe one time support for a software. But I barely got more experience than the 8 days were we all learned the software and the neccessary background information about the job and has 2 days "Training on the job". I was lucky to get paid for a month. Another time I got fired this year after 5 days and I didnt even get to make a phone call. I always thought getting fired after 8 days and only getting paid that much is the worst, well until that happened with the 5 days. I hate it! Btw.: I asked for feedback of the last company. I did only find out 2 other guys had more IT skills and also experience in the area the job was placed. Also I was told I could improve my "body language". SO its like I expected I get worse results than others also because of my body language. I doubt that people never gave ma chance from day one on, if it was only about loopholes in the resume. And its clear that you cannot have 1-2 years IT hands-on experience if you just graduated. But If your nearly a decade out of education its clear they can expect at least 2 years or one year experience in the IT field. Unluckily I never worked in IT longer than a months in service desk IT, and if you count up all it were barely 4 months. 2 months for a telecommunication company writing documentations. Another time I was 8 days in a rollup project before I got fired. That was in 2014. The most experience in ICT and IT I gathered was between 2010 and 2011. And 2011 I was nearly 100% white-collar worker , besides one time were I programmed a feature for a webpage. Its not the experience the people expect. I know numbers may be intersting. But it doesnt really change a thing if you wrote 333 job applications for 49 interviews which would mean every 6th to 7th application brought an interview. That was for november 2016. In the mean time im at 428 and the interview count only rose to 59. And there are some very few job applications I didnt count in. But the numbers dont change anything for me. I just wrote this all down to know how things are going. And I can see that the situation is getting worser every year. It just sucks that you here all these lies that the IT branch it booming and so on. Also I ask myself shouldnt they all now that IT people have other social skills than the "regulars". Everybody that saw a movie or tv series with atleast some IT expert should now that "we" rather seldom are the same like lets say a salesman.
  7. WUPG98 updated!

    I do have experience testing WUPG98 with KernelEx. KernelEx was also included in the last version, but it was an older version. I will answer your question in two parts. Main part and "experimental/part". Ofcourse experimental part is at your own risk (ofcourse you should backup all your important files like suggested before most of the Update Packs here regardless of which one you install and even if it is a recommended way!). Main part (recommended): In the case you install WUPG98 and KernelEx it would be very recommended to first install wupg98 and then KernelEx. Why? One of the updates contained install kernel32.dll 4.10.2224 version. It you have windows 98se fresh installed you would use kernel32.dll 4.10.2222. KernelEx in the case you installed it first(before the update) would overwrite the functions of kernel32.dll 4.10.2222. But after installing WUPG98 (atleast this happened for the version that I tested when WUPG98 came out in 2010) the KernelEx functions would be disabled since kernel32.dll gets replaced. Whatever Update Pack you install is up to you. If you want it you can even install the U98SESP3 and download the version of WUPG98 from MdGXs homepage and than extract some features that might not be available. It would however not be a good idea to install the complete set of updates from this pack if you already have U98SESP3. Some files are different like the so mentioned kernel32.dll. And than you would get a version conflict probably (maybe not depending which order you installed it). Summary concerning your question: So best practice for most update packs is to first install lets say U98SESP3 or WUPG98 or 98SE2ME and then afterwards KernelEx. ----------------------------------------------- Experimental part (not recommended): But if you want to know if it really is possible to install all 3.... If I had to choose to install all 3 of them and KernelEx. I would do this: First Upgrade Pack 98 (WUPG98). Then U98SESP3. Then as last 98SE2ME. This order should (but most not always) allow that there are less version conflicts. And than ofcourse KernelEx. Since KernelEx also works for Windows ME its also the best idea to install it as very last. However: And this is why I dont recommend to install all 3 (other than installing KernelEx after one of the 3 packs which is no issue) You will probably have difficulties uninstalling the packs since, I dont know how that would work after these "3 transformations". If you ever think of uninstalling.
  8. I would have to translate it into english first. And offcourse remove the personal data (name, e-mail, mobile phone, birthdate, adress). Also the CV tells less about a person than the so called "Letter of application" where Im from. I cant give away such personal information and even if I would all I basically learned dates back to 2009, except for a CompTIA A plus 801/802 certficication. I had a discussion with my grannie about unemployment recently. It really seems nobody in the world understands this whole thing if he/she always had work or just lost the job a few months or so. I wont argue with people that cant understand me because potential employers send you declining letters that go like this... Was a job as a systemadministrator. Feel thankfull for this info, I normally would only give away such personal info to friends or family. And when your at the job interview they always asked a.) why uneymployed so long b.) why did you end your last job. In my case it had to do with an national election, that rendered it impossible to continue the job that I held for over 2 years and was one of the most interesting I had to so far. Neither did I get fired nor did I resign from this position. But lets say all people except psychologists really are not interested to look in the psyche of others they just understand when people are like them. Its just like dating and finding love. If your a virgin with 30 your strange. And it your unemployed 4 years your a loser or strange. And yeah the IT booms, for devlopers... not for every job it seems. I hate writing code, programming doesnt get the value it deserves. When I did programm one time at the job I did over 2 years, people would always complain why things are not working like they should. And I take critics/complains VERY VERY VERY personal!
  9. Im struggling for years to get such a job. Recently I have given up on getting one. Most likely I will do something very different. The IT branch is dead for me. Im sadly not the right guy for this, no certification no education ever was enough for the decision makers. And in 4 cases it was more problematically that I needed to either get a drivers license or the lunch time would be to short for my point of view or the job was also with direct customer contact (not real support on the line) or even front desk job with additional it support skills. I do live how ever in a city that has very very good public service so besides transporting of equipment(or abroad missions) I cant really think of the obligatory demand for the drivers license /car. Im an introverted and thats why direct customer contact and front desk are difficult to handle for me. I dont wanna talk about my education because I get these silly questions always at every job interview. And you might know that its annoying over the time. I had about 50 job interviews in 34 months (2 years 10 months). Do have the feeling the lack of working experience is the main cause nobody hired me of the other over about 45 companies. I did get fired a few times in the first month in classical call center jobs that werent really IT specific. Real hands-on experience in the IT branch was only one month, I reallly liked that job. But unluckily I wasnt the only guy hired. That was back in 2010 the first year after I "graduated". So I did try on getting into support atleast for 2 periods. But the only jobs I could keep more than one months were basically clerk jobs (alot or Excel, Word, Outlook usage and a few telephone calls and helping the other employees with post letters and or e-mail stuff or changing databse entries over an formular(not with sql commands). This job I did about 2 years and never ever another one longer than this. Anybody here with it support/1st level support/service desk or similiar experience? How did you get into this job? Im just asking and tried to get into this area because it was meant to be a job that was easier to get on the entry level and even career changers wetr welcomed once... Programming jobs never really caught my interest but fixing problems that windows causes or office or sometimes even hardware troubleshooting were just "my element" when I did this the first time in 2010. But never got any second try. So if anybody wants to share his/her experience, would be interesting to know. I didnt want to give up on this dream but the circumstances demand a change since all other tries failed.
  10. Atleast daily motion still will work with Flash. So for compability reasons (e.g. your browser doesnt support HTML5 well): Always change the way of the url from video to "/swf/video" Example you have .com/video/1234abd change it to .com/swf/video/1234abd Might be they will also remove support so Im not listing an entire test url here.
  11. Adobe to Pull Plug on Flash

    Im not sure if it was the flash or html5 version but years ago my system would crash when I visited youtube with firefox I think version 28. Back then I updated the firmware for the GPU the issue was gone. Another time when i reinstalled windows the same issue occured. I do think it had to do with Flash, but I never really tried to open videos on Firefox anymore, I mainly used Internet Explorer 11 or Opera versions 40 and upwards. Atleast somebody had time to compare the two formats. I only did when it came clear that html5 would be the main format some video screenshot to compare " a few framed" but I wouldn see much of a difference. Rather what did bother me was that html5 videos seemed to load more slowly. Recently I couldnt really compare this, but I can however assure that the theory of "watching videos drains the battery is correct" not only for smartphones but ofcourse notebooks. However I didnt make comparisions if Flash or HTML5 or any other possible format made a difference regarding this. 4K images are well pretty much out my league, the best think I tried out at home was watching blu-rays but ofcourse thats not part of the topic now. And sure if I tried videos with 2k quality on youtube the CPU fan would make more noise than with lower video resolutions. Exactly I think thats also the edge that Flash has over HTML5 in some cases. If somebody would ask me for what flash is needed today I would simply answer: Webcam sessions in the browser, I did read flash has also the abbilities for 3D modelling but never tried that out (for people that want to know how Flash could be used for games or so) Im sure it requires a lot of extra work.... Its another think if you want to use 2D graphics only. Oh the famous SVG format that I only know from wikipedia and I think its available as a format choice in IrfanViewer. I do remember that you couldnt really open it in windows and it would always need you to open a browser xD (and thats on Windows 7). You have that fun also with Opera, atleast if you deactivate automatic-updates for flash-player. I download them myselfe and then have to close all Opera instances. If you really want to hear a major disadvantage flash does have it is that you need different versions for different browser (engines). The NPAPI for Firefox(gecko), the PPAPI for Chromium (Opera/Google Chrome) and the ActiveX for IE if I havent forgotten any. Im not really sure how flash does play all these videos at all, since they are recorded in some random format like mp4, avi and so own before they get uploaded to youtube. But back then when Flash MX 2004 existed maybe it was a newer version also we did insert youtube urls of videos inside Flash MX to embedd them. I do remember they did loose some quality (sure they were stored locally through this). So much RAM neccessary back in the Vista years? I recently had upgraded one notebook from about 512 MB ram to more than 2 GB Ram, but its strange that you required 6 GB already at that time. I remember some years ago maybe 2015 notebooks with 4 GB ram or 8 GB RAM were sold very often. Cant really imagine that many people had 6 GB Ram back in 2006-2009 already. Btw Flash MX 2004 also ran on Windows 98SE. Just that one can see how much the system requirements for the programmer perspective also rose time over time. I wonder what happened to Fireworks? We learned it once for special ways of homepage design (menus) but never ever heard about it anymore.
  12. Disable your adblocking for MSFN

    Today the ads showed up again. It works again. Hurray!
  13. Disable your adblocking for MSFN

    Yeah these algorithms are crazy. I know for example "bild.de" and it will very often show you the "You have an adblocker activated". Another Austrian Blog only needed me to whitelist the page and I dont get the message that ads cannot be shown anymore and they really show up. Before I got Opera 48 it also worked without issues with Opera 47. Now I whitelisted msfn inside my AV software and the browser but no ads show up. Not even if I deactivate adblocking completely! I have to still find out how reactivate it.
  14. Adobe to Pull Plug on Flash

    Oh ok I must admit I never tried the XPS format. Why is it that Flash and HTML5 are so "controversely"-discussed technologies anyway? I understand that Apple and all their followers have a grudge on Flash (since Jobs declared the war on Flash single-handedly). But besides all the pros and cons that both technologies had/have, is there any reason why some users (and Im really not lying) have the experience that Flash performs better for youtube/video streaming than html5 and other people say that html5 performs better than flash? Has this to do with the used software (operating system/browser ...), the hardware or is it a subjective point of view. I do understand that for example an Intel CPU and AMD act different, or a NVIDIA card and AMD GPU/graphics card too. And also that cores(single, dual..)and clock frequency (Mhz/Ghz) are not the only thing such devices can offer (dont forget about the implented technologies like e.g. Vt-x ,Hyperthreading or on the other hand Shader/OpenGL) and also that the hard disk speed and even type and maybe even other stuff may play a role. Is there any reason why one person says: Flash is great. And others say : HTML5 is great , besides the "technology politics" (I would call it like that but you can call it to be like in sport also team html5 vs team flash)?
  15. Adobe to Pull Plug on Flash

    Maybe HTML5 turns out to be planned obsolescence. Then when browsers and mobile devices require HTML6 or something else.We just know Flash support will be dead like Silver Light and Quick Time also are. We dont know if Silverlight really gives up forever and Adobe Flash. And if Oracle with Java want to be the next plugin-victim. Maybe they try to make an alliance for an alternative. But I dont think so at the moment. Atleast Adobe has the great PDF format. I hope it never gets replaced.