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  1. Ok following Information whom it may concern. None of the above mentioned links work currently. Concerning "OOPS! Looks like file not found" issue I can re-upload the german and english Version of the recent Windows 98 Upgrade Pack (WUPG98). But who doesn't want to wait I recommend downloading directly from MDGX: Summary for the WUPG98 English Version: Deutsche "German" Version: Don't want to promise to much, but it may be possible that WUPG98 becomes a last cameo (on ist original website or not we will see, I will leave a link if the Domain will not bei available) where Internet browsing will play an key issue. This will either as a whole new pack version or as an smaller "Extension" so people by popular demand can also have new features without having to choose either Revolution Pack, unofficial SP2/SP3 or the WUPG98 for Windows 98. Additional info as of 16.09.2016: Wanted to announce already in January 2016 that the current project status for the "Windows 98 Upgrade Pack" aka WUPG98/W98UPG is frozen because a new version containg a few older and newer unofficial updates was planed also an additional language with another imporant addition being improvement for browsing the Internet on 98SE PCs. Since Microsoft Windows Update Server (v4) is offline the main goal for the new WUPG98 is impossible for the planned complete pack in this particular third language. Thats the background story why maybe there will only be a smaller "Extension" to be released.
  2. Maybe I should point out, that this Change of referrer has atleast one downside. For me: YouTube and other pages had a fallback using html5 instead of Adobe Flash Version I installed. Found out that after removing the additional keys that I mentioned above this issues stops and Adobe Flash is used again. So backup your "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\5.0\User Agent" entries before you do any changes or create two .reg files for both scenarios as I did if you want to do this workaround (althought it only Counts for Messages you get in your browser). If you need to revert like me add this changes now into a new .reg file and call if "default.reg" and then run it with administrative privileges. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\5.0\User Agent] "Compatible"=- "Platform"=- "Version"=- The reg-file basically removes the 3 new entries from above. Additionally you can also create two .reg files. One you may call "Referrer10.reg"(or whatever you like) and the other one "Default.reg"(to restore the Default Settings on referrer). If you aren't sure if it worked you can still run regedit.exe with administrative privileges (CTRL+R for Windows 8 or use the Metro menu and type "regedit" and just right-click the administrative privileges). For 7 it would be STart=>Run "regedit" then SHIFT+ENTER and it will be start with administrative privileges. If you cant get regedit running with administrative privileges just Google "Run as Administrator" you will find what you Need to know. However if you started regedit successfully with administrative privileges you can look up HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\5.0\User Agent and check if the keys are removed or still in place and remove "Compatible", "Platform" and "Version" by Hand (right-click delete). So after doing the Research the plus-side is: Most Web sites relying on referrerer will Thing you are using Windows 10 and also Msn page is one of them. Downside is also Flash-Content or the whole Flash Player itself may rely on the referrer Information and then not run at all. So I can't say this is a permanent solution rather a work-around.
  3. I must admit Windows 9x or XP are not my main OSes anymore. Use 7 and 8.1 at the moment very often, still having one windows 9x system around but offcourse we are speaking about the Windows 10 upgrading issue here. Just saying cause I've not been around a while. And I just found out someting helpfull (don't know if you people read about it before). Atleast it helps when you installed some of the IE Updates. Like I had on a Windows 7 client when I installed a cumulative Update for IE. So the second thing is the issue that you get nagging "Upgrade to Windows 10" boxes on (former hotmail). I'll send you the code I used (but you should modify it regarding the IE browser version you are using). Don't know if the "Windows Registry Editior Version 5.00 part still counts for Win8. But can say its been 5.00 since Windows 2000. Don't think its been changed much when you consider Windows 7 is actually 6.1 and 8 actually 6.2. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\5.0\User Agent]@="Mozilla/5.0""Compatible"="compatible""Platform"="Windows NT 10.0""Version"="MSIE 11.0"Well and the only thing it does is stopping to show you the blue box on outlook page after sign out in Internet Explorer. Hope this may help somebody.
  4. Hello! I've been MIA the last years. However theres a cosmetic bug in Windows 98SE (don't know if its also in ME) that results as followed: When I open a folder or place where files exist and I have access to the adressbar (which displays the path normally), its by default also possible to type in the adress bar. And when you do this the text cursor aka caret appears on typing (or after using copy and paste). However now to the issue If you use RENAME (or press F2) and then copy the file or folder name e.g. "autoexec.bat" (regardless of using CTRL+C or right-clicking copy) and double-click to the adressbar the text won't get the blue focus it normally gets when you mark a text before removing it with backspace. So easily said the field in the addressbar now cant get tagged. You still can paste the text of the filename you copied ("autoexec.bat"), but at the moment there is no focus(tagging)and no caret when you want to paste "autoexec.bat" in the adressbar field. And instead of reading "autoexec.bat" in the adressbar after usage of CTRL+V in Windows explorer you will read "C:\autoexec.bat" now. Btw: I noticed a work-around: If you use rename and then copy the file/folder name but another file. And after this you can mark the text in the addresbar of Windows Explorer (the text cursor is available) and paste to make it read "autoexec.bat " instead of "C:\". Seems to be some bug with the focus. This bug doesn't occur in browsers, its just in the Windows Explorer for Files. Would be curious to find out if its only in Windows 98SE or also ME and maybe also 2000 or NT4.
  5. The actual file is fine. It is a WinRar SFX and is a perfectly safe archive. Here is the one from that link that I just tested ... 2013-04-28 00:55 29,746,887 wupg98en-AFL.EXE The problem that the above commenter is describing originates from the piece of crap website called When you first get to the intermediate page for downloading you have to quickly uncheck the box that says "use download accelerator". The page is on a timer, so you have to be fast ... If you fail to do this, the default automatically sends you the "download accelerator", a euphemism for a spyware laden un-necessary software ... Note the size of the file indicated by the arrow. Many sites send you a downloader and most times they are a few hundred KB in size like this one. You do not want or need the "downloaders" because at the very least they will have toolbars, if not actual spyware. So uncheck that box quickly and you should never see the downloader. I suggest the OP edit the top post and warn folks ( you can use this image if you want - - it is that first one shown ). P.S. Another thing to note is that the default action for that file download dialog in my Opera window there is "Save" and NOT "Run". I can't remember if that is something that Opera has by default or if it is a preference I changed. But it is a very important distinction because if it were "Run" it would mean the only thing separating your computer from malware is a single click or "Enter". EDIT: typos Thank you for asking. I had to put the download file on "" because several times when it was on "" servers the downloads were unavailable althought I put the file on the server. So I choosed to use a external server which is more reliable!
  6. Thank you very much! I hope everything is ok again. Anyway if you use Firefox there should be nearly zero problems.
  7. *NUSB won't be needed, USB improvement is already integrated in WUPG98. About MDIE6CU I have to say the last IE6 Update in the 98Pack is called *KB953838 Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 (October, 2008) . So if MDIE6CU has updates newer than Oct. 2008 YOU SHOULD INSTALL THEM if using IE6(!). Not if you use firefox already. *About MDDACU and MDCU I know to less.
  8. That's not a "list of ingredients"... it's three flavors of "cake" (methods vary, but still a "cake").You have 3 options (all "single file" solutions, duh!) - 1 - AutoPatcher - Update after Initial Install 2 - SESP2.x/3.x - Update after install or "slipstream" 3 - WUPG98 - Similar to AutoPatcher, but "not selectable" MDGx keeps a list of Official and Unofficial on MSFN as well as these 3 projects - follow the "Stickies". The only other option is UBCD and I'm not ready to F#$% with that right now as I have my own personal projects. Even so, many files might need updated (based on MDGx' Updated list), e.g NUSB. Read the lists and judge for yourself. Each has a different method; download the one you choose and test it for yourself. UBCD was based on AutoPatcher and used Unattended method of which I've (and others) tried to help you with (say "thanx"). WUP98 exists since 2005. So you may say "Autopatcher is simiar to WUPG98 but "selectable" and is 300 mb big (WUPG98 not even 30 MB slim) because it exists of dozens of unofficial updates and a lot of updates from 1998 till 200x. WUPG98 has even 1 update from 2010 included. Anyway the main different is that you cannot select updates in the now nearly 6 years old WUPG98 because of its reliability in the former setup routine which never changed. Its called Upgrade Pack because it doesn't only install updates but other good things too (like Movie Maker 1, Internet Games etc,a "Superbar" alternative etc.) And 98SE SP2 (existing since 2004) is the first ever unofficial Service Pack that existed on this board and was main idea for many now know packs/patchers.
  9. I replied to your "I'm baffled" topic to provide a small amount of information. In addition, the file you want (in this topic) is also hosted on MDGx' website. Strangely enough, I just went there and was able to download it here. Dunno, maybe you need to actually go to the website (worked for me)? I checked "my" server right now. It appears EVERY free homepage server using "" isn't working now. Thats why isn't working because its just a free-domain for the url So that the download isn't working currently is only logic, if the site doesn't open. Its anyway not my fault if the web server is unavailable. If you urgently need the pack then additionally look up The server will be available again right in time. So just wait if you have the time. Don't worry be happy . Thx.
  10. Update: That wasnt sufficient yet to permanently restablish the DVD/CD drive. For that do the following: 1.) Go to START , click run and type "msconfig". 2.)Then in the general tab click the option "customized systemstart". 3.) Remove the systemstartelements checkbox to blank (ro remove software blocking your drive on startup) 4.)Go to the "services" tab. 5.) Here now UNCHECK ALL services with the vendor name "unknown". As this is sure malware. Then restart the system. The CD/DVD drive should be available again(in my case a DVD-RAM-Drive)
  11. Thank you good idea. I will do that, as the problem rehappened again. I installed Zone Alarm FreeFirewall and will also check von viruses. Update: I did as you said, started AVG Anti-Virus free, scanned the whole computer(notebook) and found the following: C:\Documents&Setting\**\Local Setting\Temp\explorer.exe **=Username It really was malware by an infected explorer.exe that removed my DVD/CD drive. I killed the virus, restared; and now its ok. Althought the file reappered, I scanned again and gladly that my antivirus software works it can be quarantained or removed always. So the problems now fixed, as I know the soloution. Thank you very much,that really helped me alot. Nice weekend.
  12. OK I fixed it. For that you have to go into the folder C:\Windows (%windir%) and there you have to activate that you can see all the hidden files. Than look for a uninstallation folder with name $NTUninstallKB943460 , go inside and change into the consisting folder spunist. Now click spuninst.exe to uninstall the patch. Your DVD/CD drive will be avaiable again after reboot!
  13. Hello I got Windows XP Home SP3 installed on a notebook. And since the Update "Software Distribution Service 3.0" is installed I JUST HAVE NO CD/DVD drive letter anymore appearing on the drive overview at computers. Also I cannot access the drive via cmd or other ways. Its just MISSING on Windows XP Home SP3 I just don't know what to do. Systemrestore doesn't work anymore, so please don't tell me "restore the system...". I managed to solve a lot of problems Windows 98SE had on the desktop pc by help of the guys here, so I believe a solution can be found. What do I have to do to GET RID OF the SOFTWARE DISTRIBUTION SERVICE 3.0 ? Please tell me which Software can uninstall it, or remove the trash it makes destroying my system (so that the CD/DVD drive is missing). I know it can be removed, but a bit help would really help me out!!! Thank you!
  14. Thats because the pack is made "microsoft windows like". You know that of course Windows from Microsoft offers a lot of stuff (where you maybe said "do I really need the Windows XP background, or was that really good to remove Real Dos from ME")and I tried to add more stuff, without removing any. Furthermore the packs setup ist more designed in a way of usability(ok I know the dos box is a bit scary) more than for an user professional. Thats why nearly everything gets installed. So a normal user doesn't have to think too much about it. But anyway, for some features there is also an folder where you can activate them optionally. You must look up the folder for that. Anyway it was much work when I started the pack 6 years ago, and I even was a teenager (17) that time. I'm much more glad that I was so young when I built it , than the improvements of nowadays. But the superbar alternative for W98 is also a cool feature I integrated in the pack =). As there are no official update from Microsoft anymore. There was only the WMP9 security patch in 2010, and as you can install Kernel Ex(which brings support for FireFox ), its not necessary anymore to update the IE6 patches(as IE6 is sorry to say so a dying browser as for flash support and youtube). What a surprise. Gracias too, for your investigations. None... There is one. The WUPG98 is from me. The Auto-Patcher is a "clone" from somebody else.
  15. There is no relationship. But it is important to mention not to mix the different packages INCLUDING SYSTEM UPDATES with another as this may lead to system instability or BSOD. I only install my pack the WUPG98 and afterwars the KernelEx update (which is btw integrated in the WUPG98 too because it is 100% compatible, but you can only install it manually) this works superb. OK, thanks (and warning noted). So, that means they are alternative upgrade paths for W98SE, right? (In which case, it looks like this one may be more comprehensive and up-to-date, since it's larger and has been more recently updated.) Joe. Jep.