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  1. I am sure, that they are not necessary, but nevertheless you may add them if you want.I think that either your system does not comply with the requirements of the driver integration method layed down in my first post (overclocked system, ACPI not enabled or nVRaid BIOS version lower than 4.84) or you have a hardware problem which has to be resolved first. Here is another nForce SataRaid driver integration method you may try:http://board.vitaligraf.de/showthread.php?...id=1011#pid1011 Good luck! Fernando That software didnt work either. I keep getting a corrupted or missing ntfs.dll or some other error. i tried another cdrom drive and got the same result. i think it's my motherboard... my ram tests out fine after 14 hours of testing, my hard drives are error free, cdrom drive is fine. even tried different sata cables. *sigh* what a nightmare
  2. Burn it at 8x or 16x speed, if you have a CD burner with a maximal speed of 48x or 52x. Blue screen at bootup still. Burned a CD at 8X. Are you sure that i dont need nvata.cat and nvraid.cat to some how get loaded during the setup files copy phase? I am so lost...
  3. Maybe the burning speed was too high. Burn another CD with a lower speed.Have you tested your RAM sticks with MEMTEST? If not, do it. Try the install of Windows XP with only 1 RAM stick. I tried installing with one RAM stick, I ran memtest+ for about 12-14 hours and found no errors. I will try burning the CD at a slower speed when I get home. Do you have a suggested speed to burn at?
  4. You probably have a hardware or a CD problem.Are you sure, that your CD drive and your burned CD are ok? Please give more details about your system (graphic card, soundcard, IDE and USB devices etc). well my cdrom drive is a LiteOn DVD-+RW. I have no reason to belive the CD's I am making are bad... How else can I test? I installed Windows XP with a CD I've tried in this system and it didnt work (although the one it worked on didnt have SATA). I have an XFX GeForce 7800GT, onboard sound (Abit KN8 SLI), I have my DVD-+RW and a 180gb EIDE hard drive (the hard drive is unplugged to avoid conflicts), and a USB mouse&keyboard.
  5. Well, I retried and didnt get the ntfs.sys error. Now I just get another blue screen =\
  6. The Windows XP setup may have asked for a file named "NVATA.CAT", not for a CAB file. As the NVATA.CAT is not necessary for a successful install of Windows XP onto an nForce Raid array, when you are using nLite, you can choose "skip", if the pop-up window comes up again.Which nForce driver subfolder (LEGACY or SATARAID plus some extra files) did you integrate? Did the Windows XP setup detect your Raid array correctly (as 1 disk)? What chipset does your mainboard have? I integrated the SATARAID because LEGACY gave me a blue screen once the GUI install tried to start. It detected my array correctly with LEGACY and SATARAID. I am going to skip that file and see what happens. I have the nForce 4 SLI AMD chipset (Abit KN8 SLI). Downloaded the latest 6.70 driver pack. *edit* After skipping nvata.cat (yes you were right, it was .cat), my computer rebooted and came back with a black screen saying System32\Drivers\Ntfs.sys was missing or corrupt. I've been trying to get this working for over two weeks now.
  7. I have created a Windows XP SP2 cd with nLite RC7. After the setup formats my RAID array, it copies files and almost completes. When it gets near the end, it pops up with an error saying it cannot copy "nvata.cab" to the drive. I checked the ISO I made, and I see nvata.ca_ on there. Not sure what to do Can anyone help please?