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  1. Bry Try changing your mst file to something like office.mst instead of I had a problem with my mst if it was over 8 characters long
  2. XXsplit I followed all your steps and what do you know everything worked perfect. I was able to get my office Down to 200 mbs this includes word, outlook, excel, powerpoint, publisher, access, office infopath and all plugins that come with the office 2003 corporated ed. thanks
  3. XXsplit Awsome right up on this I will try your guide this weekend. I have already slipped streamed office 2003 sp2 with all hot fixes as of 4 Oct 05. I was having problems when I ran the office shrink program it would run for about 1 minute then give me an error. But I am willing to try it again thanks
  4. Has anyone tried the office shink program with office 2003 sp2. I have followed all the instructions. The program runs for about 1 minute then it stops with multiple errors . any help would be appreciated. I can post my log files if you want