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  1. copy/paste the above into notepad and save as FlashFXP.vbs and execute it anytime AFTER the flashfxp directory actually exists. shark how to execute vbs script from batch file?
  2. how can i start explorer after programm install that needed explorer killed? if i just put explorer.exe - next programm from my list don`t start installation - as the previous instalation isnt finished because explorer.exe is started and system is waiting for it to quit...
  3. Done it myself:) REG ADD HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\JetCar\JetCar\General /v RegPass /t REG_SZ
  4. After i install Flashget 1.65 on my virtual pc - and try to import registry settings programm won`t register. problem is that i don`t have the key "RegPass" in my [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\JetCar\JetCar\General] how can i add it?