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  1. You can burn an iso on the computer of your choice regardless the source.
  2. Yeah, the specific fixes are: - Slipstream update.exe directly (when you extract SP) - Slipstream XP SP3 into XP RTM (SP0) under Vista, CDKey issue Both of them rare so better be silent and deadly. Hm, i am pretty sure that i still have the CDKey issue. My host OS where i run nLite is Vista Ultimate 64bit. I used nLite version (downloaded today) I am trying to make a nLited version of XP 64bit SP2 and the ISO i am using as a base is "XP Professional x64 Edition", SP2, (version 5.2.3790.3959) Am i doing something wrong or does the issue still exist? Thanks for any help. Regards. Like nuhi said here, please re-download nLite and build a system from scratch.
  3. yep, it will. The fix nufi found isn't present on all vista systems.. like mine! He figured it out yesterday.
  4. Yep, nuhi already know because of me :-) Try to donwload the last version on or wait nuhi for an update. He found the little bug!
  5. Ok, I have to apologize, I only have a key problem using nLite under Vista Home Premiun SP1 I've just try an other nLite version using a fresh xp sp2 install (using nLite) and it's work fine in Parallels. So maybe there is still a little problem under Vista... thanks for your apps!
  6. Maybe try using a slower write speed... or change your media Have you try to burn with nLite ?
  7. Thanks, but no: under XP I have the same problem for SP3, not SP2. That's why nuhi told me to search for a microsoft key problem.
  8. I'm certainly not blaming nLite. I only use one time my key... Like you said, maybe it's microsoft's fault. I'll try at work with each computer. Thank you for taking time for me. nextdrOp
  9. Thanks nuhi to get interest. My key works fine under a nlite SP2 with tweaks, etc.... If I included SP3, my key doesn't work anymore. It's an official... I can send you a picture of it if you want. I'll try just to slipstream and 1 driver (ICH9R RAID) without any tweaks or options. I'll come back after. My conf: Gigabyte P35-DS3P Rev 1.0 / E6600 / 2Go / 2x 74Go / 8800 GTS
  10. Hi everyone, So, I've been trying an SP3 clean disk about 3 days and I haven't found any solutions. My problem is my key (classic OEM key buy with my computer) is not valid when I include SP3 with nLite under XP Pro SP2 or Vista HP SP1. Which kind of informations do you need to help me for making a SP3 disk ? Thanks for your help ! EDIT : topic description