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  1. I personally use nlite to remove completely those components that I will never use. After that I use Bold Fortune's guide to delete remaining unneeded files. I recommend this only if you are willing to devote some time to understand what each file does.
  2. Sorry, I think I don't follow you. .log files in other folders usually are garbage. If everything is working as it should, you can safely move or delete those files. You can do this by hand or you can write a batch file, or you can write a program for that. Whichever way you like. If this is what you want to do, I'll write you a simple batch file. Open notepad, paste this text, "File\Save as" and in File name enter (with quotes!): "Log.bat" Now you have a batch file that (when you execute it) will move all log files from Windows and Windows\System32 to C:\Logfiles and C:\Logfiles\System32 Right click on this file (Log.bat) and select edit. Now you can change it to fit your needs. Google for more info. about batch files, there is plenty of it on the internet.
  3. Probably, some of these files can be moved and deleted From Bold fortune's guide
  4. I got it, I guess Kramy wanted 256 color icons this patch offers true color icons
  5. I'm confused... Are there several patches for each color setting?
  6. I used this utility to force tray icons use 256 colors (.NET Framework 2 required) Although explorer.exe version is not in its database, it can scan the file and try to determine which bytes should be changed. Anyway, yesterday I applied this to my Windows 2000 SP5 Build 5.1.2195 and everything seems to function properly. Just to be sure that the file is properly patched, I used this utility P.S. Umm, just used the 256ColorTrayTest and it seems that the SFC has restored original file. Oh, well, will have to remove it from DllCache.