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  1. Hi, I'm Cole, the owner of Cole2k Media. The warning that you're getting is a false positive. If you wish to verify, you can do so just by searching google for "NSIS false positive", as this is the base of my installer and uninstaller. I suggest you look up the reviews of ClamAV to verify constant complaints about false positives and removal of uninstallers for applications already installed on peoples systems, perhaps you should even consider writing a review of your own. I've been repeatedly posting warnings on my forum about false positives and it is something I do take seriously, but nobody ever seems to bother using the search feature. Registration on my forum to gain help is easy, provided you aren't using a freemail account to register and the forum doesn't think you're a spammer, hacker, paedophile etc. http://www.softpedia.com/get/Multimedia/Vi...odec-Pack.shtml < says "100% Clean" http://www.download.com/Cole2k-Media-Codec...4-10354286.html < says "Tested spyware free" just under the "Download Now" link. Promoting hate messages?