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  1. A bit late but it might be useful to you. Yeah this is pretty much dead I did start making a final version but I wasn't hugely motivated to continue at the time because I got very limited feedback so I assumed not many people used it. As for the issue with icons disappearing I'm not sure what went wrong except perhaps the icon colour depth being set wrong, I think I had some issue here but could never quite reproduce it. I'm sure I had Windows Installer 2.0 when I was doing this and it was working fine but perhaps I did not test any msi files so you could be right. As for patching the stuff from the shell update manually I guess you can do it just run the resource hacker scripts manually from the explorer.exe and shell32.dll directories (I only patched these 2 files, I could never make webview look like I wanted.) (you probably have to worry about them being in use but you can rename them and patch a copy or something like that) I'll run up an NT4 VM later and see what happens with windows installer and the shell update and ie6 and see what happens
  2. I actually cant think of a single game I've wanted to run on win7 that I haven't been able to get to work. That said if its older I tend to play it on 98se anyway so I can use 3dfx glide anyway so I might not actually notice.
  3. All good now guess I failed at reading the instructions. Is another issue not being able to log off or switch user from the start menu (not that I need this) just wondering.
  4. I tried installing in a vm (fresh install) and real computer with a whole lot of stuff installed but I only seem to get a black screen with a mouse cursor and explorer never starts.
  5. x64 Windows has always had 64 bit and 32 bit versions of IE its just most people didn't use the 64 bit version cause flash didn't work.
  6. This statement is wrong. Windows 98SE definately has ipconfig it was not introduced in Windows 2000. ipconfig exists in Windows for Workgroup and MSclient 3.0 for DOS. It is only missing in Windows 95 for some unknown reason that is the only time you need to use winipcfg otherwise ipconfig is preferable. I guess since you probably don't care about network security you can access Windows 7 from 9x by changing the security settings so that it accepts LM hash (I'm pretty sure you can't use NTLM although I have to look up the active directory client some time to see if this is actually true). Assuming you already have user accounts that are the same on both computers. There is at least one security settings that need to be changed I'm not totally sure if this is the only one because I'm feeling lazy to test it but you can do the following and it might work Run secpol.msc Local Policies Security Options Find Network security: LAN Manager authentication level, change this setting to Send LM & NTLM responses
  7. I don't think they went to an effort at all to make it incompatible, I have no problem transferring files from 7 to 98SE but I use a network drive to transfer instead of accessing network shares through Network Neighbourhood / Network The other direction from 98SE to 7 is a bit more annoying though I expect because you have to have the same username as normal for between 9x and NT but also have to change the security configuration on 7 to except LM hash because by default it requires NTLM hash. I think there is a way to enable NTLM hash on 9x but that might only apply to the active directory client I didn't read through the KB article thoroughly. This change was made for security reasons of LM being not exactly secure not in deliberately stopping Windows 3.1/9x users accessing Windows 7 shares.
  8. What do you mean by recognising the router, you cannot access the webinterface? I'can you ping the router from the commandline? ping would be useful to for you to run ipconfig as well ipconfig /all
  9. Last time I remember doing something dumb was when I decided I would install Ubuntu Lite (pretty sure the name changed ages ago but I have no idea what to and this was before then) I just wasn't paying too much attention and just went through the installer as normal except it decided to wipe my C drive for me My poor Diablo I saves luckily that was when I reformatted and reinstalled 98SE every few months so not much lost (real data lived on D), I think I had a slightly older Diablo I save I could use; but I never ever try that linux distro again.
  10. So the computers show up in Network Places/Network Neighbourhood, but you can't see the shares once your in that computer? Do you have any blank passwords for your username. NT4 doesn't like accessing shares with blank passwords I believe. Are you using XP Home? Simple file sharing could be a problem here. Its not something simple such as all your shares have $ in them and therefore they don't actually show up in Network Places/Network Neighbourhood is it?
  11. Yes when installing multiple versions of Microsoft Office installing the older version of Office and then the newer version works much best, Office 2000 by default will install in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office and Office 2007 by default in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12, you just have to tell Office 2007 to keep your older versions, however you can not have multiple versions of outlook which is possibly why it disappeared when you installed Office 2000.
  12. If its from 2006 you shouldn't have any issues with 16 bit installers I hope, Can I assume you have you tried compatability mode ? Have you successfully installed the game but now it wont run when you try to play it?
  13. Office 2007 compatibility pack cannot be installed on 98 even with KernelEx. Edit: And about PolyEdit - it needs Office 2007 compatibility pack for opening docx, so its not an option for opening docx under Win98. Ah but apparently the first version of the office 2007 computability pack that did work on 98 only when it got updated did it stop working completely, Dencorso was looking for the old version some time ago though.
  14. If XP does not login with a password then it probably doesn't have one. You should only need the TCP/IP protocol unless you need IPX/SPX for older games that use it. Usually you should have the Client for Microsoft Networks as the Primary Network Logon. At the Network logon screen where it asks you to enter your network password you should have the same username as you have on XP/ If your not sure what it is look it up in the Control Panel -> User Accounts, you can also check if you have a password or not. As long as both computers have the same Username and Password they should be able to share files easily. EDIT: is this password prompt you speak of where it asks for an IPC$ password?
  15. Ah but you can actually install it off of the CD if you want to not that its a good idea, remote registry is something I always disable.