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  1. I tried everything to unpack Msdbuild.exe I always get a Dos error. 5 different PC's Looked the net for an alternative. Followed all the tips and advises. I seriously suspect the file got corrupted. Can anyone sent me the clean file or post a link to the file. Put it in a regular archive or whatever Please need some help it is really doing my head in
  2. Like a lunatic I have been looking for ways to install my x64 on a 16K cluster size partition I found a possible way for xp32, which consists of replacing 7 files in your I386 SP2 folder by those of the older I386 SP1a folder (http://forum.abit-usa.com/showpost.php?p=428277&postcount=17) Fine, haven't checked it out with XP 32 bit But it surely doesn't work with XP 64 bit On the nlite site, FAQ section, still mentioned "Why can't I set RAID cluster other than 4kB?" Answer : "That's Windows NTFS limitation from XP Service Pack 2, if you find a workaround let me know. Works with FAT32. " I also tried to change cluster size with Partition Magic, it should work, if only I found a way to turn off the standard 4K compression stuff. Well, I does my head in, but yeah, I guess it's a hobby. Anyways, if anybody of you guys, have any ideas...... Why can't I just leave it at 4K, it's good enough, isn't it LOL Thanx in andvance Me