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  1. Well this is what i do. with a patched UXtheme.dll of course Go get a theme you want. Put it in you theme folder and change you current theme to that. Then make sure the wallpaper you want is in the web\wallpaper folder and set your background to that Then save the theme. Then just put all the files in the right spots on you XP cd
  2. Wouldn't it work if you just did it through a theme?
  3. It's way better to use a patched dll. It'll save you just that much more space for another app to install.
  4. For winRAR sfx's Be sure to set the modes to overwrite always and silent and put the extract to path in there as well. Then all you got to do is "somefile.exe". No switches or paths needed.
  5. why not just use a patched UXTheme.dll?
  6. i tried that and it didn't work for the sfx files. only the initial 7zip installer
  7. Everything went well except for a few things, (user error's of course). I forgot to put a cmd file to install AVG antivirus silently and I forgot to remove the old cmd file Entries under GUIRunOnce in Winnt.sif (Form my last super installer). Other then that it worked great.
  8. AppDeploy Maybe it could be usefull for some people.
  9. nevermind didn't work
  10. I was gonna do the same thing but from the 7zip help file there is no silent install switch for self extracting archives, only the inital 7zip installer ------- Edit: I was just looking throught the switch stuff again in the help file, I think it's -y just like the installer For more info, Look in the help file, > commandline > swithes > -sfx
  11. I t e m B l o c k : ' R e g i s t r y T w e a k s ' { T a g : ' e x e c u t e ' { a r g u m e n t s = ' / S " C : \ I N S T A L L \ o t h e r . r e g " ' p r o g r a m = ' r e g e d i t ' d i s p l a y = ' A p p l y i n g t w e a k s . . . ' } R u n n i n g i t e m : ' R e g i s t r y T w e a k s ' { R u n n i n g c o m m a n d : ' e x e c u t e ' { R u n n i n g : ' r e g e d i t / S " C : \ I N S T A L L \ o t h e r . r e g " ' E x e c u t i n g : ' " r e g e d i t " / S " C : \ I N S T A L L \ o t h e r . r e g " ' E r r o r : T h e s y s t e m c a n n o t f i n d t h e f i l e s p e c i f i e d . } } } - = - = - = - = - = - = - > X P l o d e e n d a t : 0 4 / 0 3 / 1 6 1 9 : 0 1 : 2 2 Hope this is good, cause i really didn't see the point in pasting the whole thing seeing how the reg stuff is my only problem
  12. Man what an id*** I am. Look up at the reg file above. I forgot the end qoute. Duh. Anywho, This is I bug I suppose. program='regedit' don't work. I have to tell it the path.
  13. Ok I think the problem was my use of ' and " . Could you tell the correct way it should be in the xml?
  14. Crap I new I was forget something. This was using 1.0.2. I quess I'll try 1.0.3 and see if if works for me. Then I'll do the log thing
  15. Silent Installation Installation of UltraEdit is normally performed by executing the uesetup.exe without any parameters. This leads the user through the installation allowing the user to select the appropriate location and options. When this is done, a file install.sss is created. In some cases it may be desired to perform a silent installation of UltraEdit to allow automated unattended installations. This is possible with the following setting: uesetup /s Under normal circumstances this will perform a silent install with the default settings. Any files that would be required to be downloaded from the WWW normally should be downloaded and in the same directory as the uesetup.exe file to avoid prompting for WWW download. To customize a silent install, run the uesetup normally selecting the appropriate install options. After this has been completed, copy the install.sss that is created to the directory containing the uesetup.exe and rename it to uesetup.sss any future silent installs will use this file to specify the install options. Note, the install.sss was not made in install from folder. but rather the install to folder