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  1. Thanks websee My mistake was really stupid. I added a bunch of pics but forgot to add a comma to the end of the second one. works fine now. I appreciate your help. -=Nodor=-
  2. When I run slideshow.hta on the cd I get error in the script on this page line: 5 Char 1 Error Expected ')' Code 0 URL file//D:\software\Slideshow\slideshow.hta any thoughts on this? nodor
  3. Thanks a06lp I tried it with small and caps and no /s (no difference). Tried it without my dvd in the drive and the error still happens but the directory is the default one instead of "D" so I know that it is seeing ALLDVD.TXT This disk is on a rewriteable dvd. Maybe I'll try a regular one. Don't see what difference that should make but I am out of ideas. nodor
  4. I am having a problem getting apps to install. I'm sure it is something simple but for the life of me I can't see it. Am running wait from C:/install/install.bat (@ECHO OFF rem The following line hides the command window ... cmdow @ /HID ECHO. ECHO Calling WAIT ECHO. start /wait %systemdrive%\install\Wait\wait.exe exit) program runs fine but app doesn't install. log file shows ********* Begin Install - 05/10/05 FlashGet B -01:10:27 Begin CMD=D:\\software\\Application\\Flashget\\fgf165.exe /s ***E -Could not start CMD=D:\\software\\Application\\Flashget\\fgf165.exe /s - The system cannot find the file specified. B -01:10:27 Begin CMD=REGEDIT /S D:\\software\\Application\\Flashget\\flashget.reg ***E -Could not start CMD=REGEDIT /S D:\\software\\Application\\Flashget\\flashget.reg - The system cannot find the file specified. The drive and tree and app are correct. Where am I going wrong? nodor