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  1. THANKS MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. i used this parameters: mkisofs -iso-level 4 -b boot.img -o "/home/kurumin/xpcd.iso" "/home/kurumin/Unattended/xpcd" i recieve this error: Size of boot image is 4 sectors -> mkisofs: Error - boot image '/home/kurumin/Unattended/xpcd/boot.img' has not an allowable size. the boot.img i downloaded from the msfn unattended guide can you help me?
  3. Hi, i'm having problems to install my sata driver, all files from the diskette are not being copied to the HD correctly. i will try to install the sata driver from my cd, all the files and configurations are ready to burn but i have one question: when i burned the image on windows, i had to use boot.img and some parameters. On Linux i can burn normally or i have to use boot.img also? if yes, how i will use this file????
  4. hello, how can i set my personalized cursor theme by default in my UA installation? another question: I have modified my winnt.sif to configure automatcally my visual theme, VistaCG. How can i configure, via winnt.sif, my wallpapaer?
  5. Hello, Somebody here knows how to install Sound Forge 8 silently?
  6. yeah, thanks, i found the answer... (C:\Progra~1\Adobe)... i will try the "." so, the last question: i have 2 CD drives.... E:\ and F:\ whats the command i have to add to my batch, for it recognize automatically my CD-Rom drive?
  7. yeah, PS i can install... noob question: yeah, but i will copy it from D:\Plugins to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Plugins my batch file does not work when folder names have spaces.... so, can u help me?
  8. heeelp
  9. Hello, I want to create a Photoshop Silent Install CD which install PS and PS Plugins (Plugins Folder) so, what i have to do? configure the PS .ini only? i want to install PS and when the installation ends, the program automatically copy the Plugins folder from the CD to the PS folder... it's possible? Thanks, bye
  10. no... you need to install the patch.... install the patch, open the program and after this you will open you messenger
  11. content removed
  12. it is a wallpaper.... i did not made this.... i don't know nothing about image edition... i can send you the wallpaper and you modify it
  13. This is my Welcome screen: English Version Download: Link 1 (password: msfn) Link 2 Link 3 --More-- 2nd (JPEG Image): Download Link 3rd: Download Link 4th Download Link 5th: Download Link 6th: Download Link Download Link 2 7th: Download Link Download Link 2 Thanks to Bi0haZarD and C01eMaN more information about how to personalize your "Welcome" screen HERE
  14. Download the program AutoPlay Media Studio 6.0.... it is VERY SIMPLE to use..... install the program, execute it and create a new project with autoplay theme.... you will know what to do when you see the program.... extremly easy...
  15. i did it... saved in .BMP and the icon was not displayed right...... and with the shutdown icon, from shell32.dll is ok