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  1. Thanks. You should remove Physmem as well (Verified on August 13th). BTW, this is a very useful tool. Appreciate it.
  2. I had found one difference. Foxit did not allow me to fill PDF Forms. Foxit did not function like Adobe Reader when the PDF was a slideshow pdf. The only good thing I found in Foxit reader was the speed of opening PDF files.
  3. I check the "Show Hidden files and Folders" checkbox, close the dialog and open the dialog again. I see that check box is already unchecked by now. I run XP Proff Sp2 and my system runs at home (never in a domain) and yes, I have internet connection as well.
  4. Hi, From the Tools -> Folder Options -> View menu, whenever I click "Show Hidden files and Folders", it is being reset to "Do not show Hidden files / folders" within 1 second Can anyone suggest me what could have gone wrong (or a trojan has entered my system)... How can I find this and rectify it. I installed Antivirus but it did not detect anything.
  5. Hi, I updated my Vista DVD by integrating 300+ hotfixes into the install.wim (using vista master udpate pack). I have burnt the DVD. I can see that DVD is bootable, files can be read from DVD and copied to HDD without errors. This DVD has only Vista + Hotfixes integrated (from master update pack) nothing else. However, when I insert the DVD and restart the system, after 5-10 seconds, the computer starts to BEEP. It does not boot into Vista Setup. The BIOS settings are proper and I am able to boot from other normal Bootable CDs/DVDs. My system is a 2.6 GHz Intel board with 512 MB Ram. What could be wrong? Pls help.
  6. Finally, it worked for me...after adding peimg, imagex paths to the environment variables... Great work guys...Thanks a lot...
  7. The Vista Tools failed for me also. I have installed WAIK on my Vista system. I request a help file kind of thing for using Vista Tools. Guess: Is it that Vista Tool pack not able to find peimg, imagex on the system (may be we need to set their path in environment variables). I will try setting that....
  8. Hi, can u please upload vista tools to a non rapidshare link? (may be directly at msfn itself).
  9. Thanks for the link. I have downloaded it. How to install this? Please let me know the commandline to use to install this CAB file.
  10. Thanks for the link. I have downloaded it. How to install this? Please let me know the commandline to use to install this CAB file.
  11. Hi, Can anyone please tell me a good antivirus (with version) for my 32 bit Vista Ultimate OS.
  12. Hi, I have Windows Vista Ultimate on my laptop. I do not have Internet connection yet. Can I download the "updates only" for windows defender so that I can download the updates from a workstation pc that has Internet connection and install them on my laptop? Please let me know. If I can, please post the link to the website where I can download them.
  13. Hi, I have Intel 845 chipset motherboard with 1GB ram ( Intel 845GVAD2 ). I want to have Vista on my system. Does my mother board support 32bit Vista? Please let me know.
  14. Perfect. Reg.exe works and this is what I wanted... I load the default user's profile, then import the settings given by Mr. Kof94 (with modifications to suit the path) and unload it.. Thanks a lot guys...
  15. I need something similar... I have an installshield application which modifies the registry entries for "Default User" of the system. Even though I log in as Administrator account, I am not able to load the hive of "Default User" into the registry ("C:\Documents and Setttings\Default User\ntuser.dat"). Please let me know how to access the registry of different user even though I have logged on as Administrator. i tried using RunAs,... but it didn't work...