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  1. I'm posting with Pale Moon now!!!!
  2. Sometimes you say and do questionable things. If I was wrong, I'm a man and can admit it. It wouldn't be the first time and it won't be the last. I'm human!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I keep my linux updated. Although building a lot of updated packages myself is very time consuming.
  4. I have been using linux since last year, and it not bad. Slackware Linux in case someone asks. Its nice for the most part. Win 7 is the end of the line for me. I still use Win98/WinXP but not as much.
  5. Rev 05 Updated OpenSSL v1.0.2k Download in first post
  6. This might help with your SSL authentication.
  7. Rev 04 Updated OpenSSL v1.0.1u Download in first post.
  8. The wireless should work with no problems. You still need a wpa 2 client.
  9. (Rev 03) Updated openssl 1.0.1t from blackwingcat Link in the first post. Enjoy
  10. What if Microsoft is using the term Convenience Rollup to replace Service Pack????? IDK, just happy I don't have to download tons of updates.
  11. Thanks guys, I just created an Win 7 SP2 DVD using the Convenience Rollup and KB3161608. Windows Updates works with no problem now. This was a PITA and has been going on for a while. Thank God it's finally fixed.
  12. Is the new version ready?
  13. This is probably the best fix It still spikes 100% when scanning, but it should fix the update problem.
  14. MsMpEng.exe is the culprit. Killing it and then updating the definitions seems to work. It was doing what svchost.exe did a while back, spiking the cpu to 100% crashing things. Thanks to everyone and especially heinoganda for the packages.
  15. I got it guys. Ignore the posts above, I will have them point here. Kill MsMpEng.exe in taskmanger. Then update the definitions. The system will seem like its frozen, IT IS NOT!!! Just wait, Everything will turn RED!! Ignore this, because once it has finish downloading and installing everything it will turn green again. That's it, that's all.