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  1. Your fav version of Windows 9x?

    Pretty much SP or AP and 98SE2ME is the way to go.
  2. Windows 98SE acting up on laptop?

    I have downloaded as well as uploaded SP3 to test the integrity of the pack which is 119 mb. No issues on my end.
  3. Windows 98SE acting up on laptop?

    I have not tested the drivers on Win9x/ME. It works fine on my old dell latitude C600 with Windows 98 SE /SP3/98SE2ME.
  4. MBR / GPT Drive Dissection

    This is the one I use and it works great. Never had any problems. https://www.amazon.com/StarTech-USB-SATA-Adapter-USB2SATAIDE/dp/B000VS4HDM
  5. Latest DivX codec for Windows 95C

    These are the latest for Win 98 SE, not sure if they'll work on Win 95. Give it a shot and report back. Thanks https://www.techtalk.cc/viewtopic.php?f=1047&t=390&start=67
  6. Windows 98SE acting up on laptop?

    So the Broadcom drivers works for you in WinME but not Win98 SE?
  7. Is ME really that bad?

    Yes, I agree with DougB 98SE2ME + U98SESP3 are an ultimate combination. If someone is willing to patch the english files for their native language, I would help them build a SP. You wouldn't have to patch every file either, which is a good thing.
  8. Is ME really that bad?

    You know better than that.... LoL .... You are going to start a war for being politically correct. Never really got the chance to play with Vista but have heard many compare it to Windows ME. WinME did have some nice features that was lacking in Win98/SE.
  9. Censor Internet Images

    Government always trying to control and dictate the lives of the human race. Just like we vote them in, let's vote them out.
  10. I agree with Tommy, haven't seen nothing original on the net in a long time. I'm tempted to leave the computer world altogether. Stuff gets boring after while.

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    2. Glenn9999


      Indeed.  I used to be totally amped up and excited to even upgrade a piece of software.  Or look on the market and try everything.  Or code.  Or play the newest game.  You get it.  It's all just gotten so boring it's unreal.  Of course, I haven't found anything fruitful to do with all of it (employment, can't even find work in anything I can do or general interest - get exceedingly little interest in anything I've shared or offered to do), so I've drifted to other interests and drifted off this site for most part (I still read every once in a great while).  Was good while it lasted, but not sure I can rekindle any kind of interest in it at all outside of regular daily use consistent with my other interests and the occasional classic game.



      I'm starting to watch more tv (classic shows) Seinfeld, Good times, Frasier etc... Netflix are starting to add some good content. I'm losing my passion for technology. My neighbor gave me a 50 inch smart tv because he didn't want to deal with it. I have to use a tablet or phone to control it. It nice but when my internet is down it's useless.



      I used to look forward to Win9x/WinXp updates patches, tweaks etc... Now its like....... who cares? We lost a lot of good people though. I now spend most of my time on the Dark Web reading interesting stuff. Nothing is govern nor are we doing anthing illegal. You do have a lot more freedom when you go underground. I just made a video tutorial on how to configure i2p and tor on linux. But the video applies to Windows as well. I2P is really cool.

  11. Last Versions of Software for Windows 98SE

    Do you plan to continue updating for Win9x?
  12. MSFN will be online as long as donations allow

    Some of you guys I would like to keep in-touch with. I can be reached here https://www.techtalk.cc/index.php You don't need to register or anything, just shoot me a PM and let me know who you are. Thanks. We need to archive every page on here in the wayback machine. So much will be lost.....
  13. Xbox360 Controller Driver for Win98

    It should work for all games if properly installed. You need to install DX9, the USB pack in the SP or NUSB and remove all USB drivers in safe mode and let them re-detect.
  14. I have qemu and its a little more complicated than VirtualBox. Technically, the games I play are Spades, Freecell etc..... Those games come in handy when I'm taking a 2 hr flight. I haven't got everything setup the way I want, but things are coming along nicely. I will be triple booting Win XP, Win 7 SP1 and Linux Slackware with a VM of Win98 SE on all of them.
  15. I use Win9x for older software purposes, nostalgia and networking. Don't need a newer browser on the machine because I run Slackware Linux for that. My windows 98 SE machine did everything I needed it to do. Outlook Express, movies, music, games ,Remote Desktop to my WinXP Pro etc.... My next project is getting Win9x running in VMs. Working flawlessly as possible, its a hell of a task. Once all the older hardware becomes obsolete, we are not going to have much of a choice but to use VMs. That's why I'm getting a head start now. After Win 7, I will never upgrade to another Windows unless for monetary reasons. I'm done with the new Windows.