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  1. Nerfed. I have a ga-p35-ds3l that I just turned on the ahci and **** it caused major issues for me. CPU usage was whacked. Firefox using 50% to 90% cpu usage, explorer 40% to 60%, everything was causing major cpu usage. Wouldnt drop below 21% to 23% even with all programs shut off. The hard drive benchmark I have on this computer is Hard Drive Tach. I wish I had taken a screen shot of the results but I didnt. On the Seagate sata2 500gig ST3500630AS the cache burst was 140ish and is normally 210ish. The read speed was 55 high to 35ish low and is normally 70ish+ to 40. Rather disappointing really. I guess I also don't understand that if ahci isnt supposed to work on the non ICH9R chipsets then why is it an option ? P.S. Woo hoo, member for over 2.5 years and I just made my first post. I rock..