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  1. Thank you very much, but just another question: The Local Policies in the registry can be exported somehow?
  2. I'm sorry for resurrecting this post but this is exactly my problem and I can't see the solution anywhere with the search function. Cheers.
  3. Yes, I want to know also how to remove addons. I have some programs that I want to update into the ISO file. If someone knows please help
  4. Hmm.. a little correction, i think.. for the portuguese language, the shrink.ini is wrong and i was unable to use the program. [Language] lang=Portuguese dir=2070 retry=&Repetir <-------- (CORRECTED) title=Microsoft Office error=Erro <-------- (CORRECTED) [Directory] Office Source=*** Office Target=*** [Files] Office Setup EXE file=INSTALAR.EXE <-------- (CORRECTED) Office Setup MST file=Unattended.MST [Version] Number=11.0.5510.0 after this changes the program run well i hope this can be useful for someone. sorry for my terrible english. cya!