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  1. i have been trying to silenly install and register steganos security suite 2006 v8.0.2 and internet anonym 2006 v8.0.1. I can install them silently by extracting the msi for them exe and using the /qb switch but then i try to enter the serial number by regedit but it doesnt work heres the reg file after silent install/reg when i run program for first time it still asks me for the serial number, anyone out there done it yet?
  2. i still cant get an 7GB iso to boot in my vitual machine it just hangs on the detecting hardware stage. has anyone got any other ideas or suggestions. I tried making the ISO in UltraISO but still didnt work, maybe i got some of the settings wrong. Is there a limit to the size of file names or CaSe or any other restrictions in the ISO format that i should know about? Please help
  3. I shall certainly give it a try tonight, but what settings would you suggest?
  4. I have created an unattended windows xp image with alot of software that i want to install using RunOnce method. The RunOnce works great and silently going through all the software when i tryed running it on an already installed VM. The unattended win xp works great to when apps are not added but for some reason when i create the final image which is 5.5GB then i get the error "Virtual machine kernel stack fault (hardware reset)" on VMWare when its at the "setup is inspecting your hardware config" stage of setup, right after boot. i beleave it has something to do with in image being to big, but surely you can make a DL DVD unattended Win XP CD? I have been using nLite RC3 to make the image but have also tried to do it manually with no success. Can anyone help please