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  1. Have 2 USB hard drive enclosures, NSpire 2.5", Bytecc 3.5", both using Myson-Century CS8818. Both recognized seamlessly after inserting these lines in nusb2.2 usbstor.inf: ;Myson-Century %VID_04CF&PID_8818.DD%=USBSTOR_BULK,USB\VID_04CF&PID_8818 . . . ;Myson-Century VID_04CF&PID_8818.DD="Myson-Century CS8818 USB Mass Storage Device"
  2. A fix for hotplug icon missing from system tray: After installing the USB update, my USB flash drive was recognized, but no hotplug icon appeared in the system tray. In the registry branch HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CV\Applets\SysTray HotPlugFlags = 0x00000002 Services = 0x0000000d The fix was to edit the Services key to 0x0000000f. It looks like the bits in the Services value specify which icons appear in the system tray. 0x0000000d = binary 1101 0x0000000f = binary 1111 The 2nd last bit probably controls the hotplug icon. Clicking the hotplug icon activates Hotplug.dll Maximus - perhaps the Services value could be set up accordingly in the nusb installation script.