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  1. I did! Here are the files included: slovenian files --------------- qfecheck.exe, systray.exe, user.exe, hotplug.dll, QFECHECK.HLP english files ------------- advpack.dll, 4.72.3110.0 user32.dll, 1394BUS.SYS, NTMAP.SYS, OHCI1394.SYS, SBP2PORT.SYS, USBAUTH.SYS, 4.90.3000.1 USBNTMAP.SYS, 4.90.3000 USBSTOR.SYS, 4.90.3000.1 language neutral ---------------- USBU2A.SYS, VXD, PDR files ----------- NTMAPHLP.PDR USBMPHLP.PDR DISKTSD.VXD IOS.VXD BTW, have you installed the package??? Servus.
  2. Hello, BigDaddy! You can download Slovenian version here: It includes latest usbstor.inf! Cheers, Doc. Imr Oman