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  1. Hi everyone, Just joined the forum and found this wonderful proggie. Thanks Maximus! 1) Hotplug Icon Missing --------------------------- The Hotplug icon did not appear on my system tray even after trying iscove's suggestion to edit the registry key in HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CV\Applets\SysTray Services = 0x0000000d I discovered that, for some reason, the volume icon has to be turned on in order for the hotplug icon to appear on the system tray. The last bit turns on the power icon, the second last the hotplug icon, the 3rd last the volume icon, so just set the 2nd and 3rd last bit of the Services key to 1 and it'll be fine, i.e. set the key as any one of the following: Services = 0x0000000e or Services = 0x0000000f The first will turn on both the volume and the hotplug icon and the second the power, volume and hotplug icon. Alternatively, simply go to Control Panel, Multimedia and check "Show volume control on the taskbar". Reboot and plug in a USB mass storage device and viola! The hotplug icon appears. 2) Sony PlayStation Portable --------------------------------- I edited my USBSTOR.INF file as follows and Win98 recognizes my PSP! [Microsoft] ;Sony %VID_054C&PID_01C8.DD%=USBSTOR_BULK,USB\VID_054C&PID_01C8 [strings] ;Sony VID_054C&PID_01C8.DD="Sony PSP" Try it out. It should work unless there are different PIDs for different PSP models.