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  1. The newest version of ShrinkIt returns a "application failed to initialize properly" error. Any idea why, I am on a recent install of XP.
  2. Could you email em at tim@ if you update it. Got confused this morning as the other site bumped it as news, but it is the exact same file.
  3. Yeah, we were pretty excited when we saw it. 2k has a lot of users still. We lose money hosting a file like this, but its just too cool not to have in our archives. We love free cool stuff.
  4. Is there an official description you can give us, I assumed that was yours.
  5. Looks like he deserves it. 10 votes so far from readers have it at 5 of 5, thats pretty rare, looks like people dig it.
  6. Here is another mirror: 7 servers, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Australia and BitTorrent link going up shortly.