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  1. Thanks for the help Fernando 1. I finally realised why I was having trouble installing Windows. I was using my SATA Plextor dvd drive on the SI controller. I had to throw in an 'old' IDE optical drive to get windows to install. I should have remembered this from last time... nLite rocks!
  2. Hello MSFN people, total newbie here I have an Asus A8n-sli premuim motherboard (Nforce 4 chipset). I wish to install windows xp sp2 onto a RAID0 striped array (2xWD raptor 36 gig 10k rpm) to be used as my boot drive. I have tried without success the f6/floppy method and am also unsuccessful using the Nlite method as described by Fernando 1. My BIOS is rev 1005 board revision 1.02 I have a new original copy of XP pro sp2. I copied the contents of the a8n sli premuim driver cd to a new folder (nforce4). I copied the contents of the XP pro sp2 cd to a folder (winxpsp2) and pointed nlite to its location. I selected integrate drivers from the nlite menu options. I went to the subdirectory LEGACY (from the driver cd folder) and chose the two files there as textmode. I selected create ISO I burned the ISO to a cd The ISO cd loads ok but I still get the blue stop error screen. I suspect that I am not doing the Nlite method correctly because I notice the xp install loading the scsi drivers after seeing it load my nvraid drivers. I am getting a blue stop error screen. Questions. How can I keep windows from loading these drivers over the top of my non WHQL-certified drivers? I see the setup is loading files (nvidia raid class storage driver) and (nvidia storage class driver?) loading on the bottom of the screen, this is the textmode right? If I select remove (windows) drivers from the nLite menu which drivers should I remove? I'm probably in over my head here, but I was able to install this OS on the deluxe version of this board a couple months ago after some effort. Maybe I got lucky. I never registered this copy because I knew I would be getting this (premuim) version mobo. This has probably been answered numerous times before but I cant seem to find the solution. I searched the new ISO cd and did not find nvatabus.inf. Do I need to make a folder named OEMDIR that contains all the .inf flies for the nvraid drivers? If so, should I put this folder in the i386 folder? I thought nLite collected all files in the driver directory I pointed it to when I assigned the textmode drivers (IDE\WinXP\legacy) Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks, Chuck