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  1. Aren't restore disk encrypted?
  2. I'd think it just needs a legit xp installed whether its the upgrade or not. If you wanted to do a fresh install you'd need the full xp cd. If im not mistaken this is how its been in the past but they might have changed it. Like the above poster said ask ms.
  3. I use it the way ms set it up which is admin. they should of fix that long ago. why did they wait until 4 nt os's later.
  4. Does that with me too. I wonder if you have to enable hibernate or is that different from standby? I keep it turned off. I do remember this working in xp. I remember it was broke in win98/me.
  5. well there's a xp driver on the xp cd but finding and extracting the right files wouldn't be an easy task for me.
  6. If any one needs a working driver for this chipset I found a windows 2000 driver thats works perfectly on 32bit vista at I also tried vista 64 bit I could find a 64 bit version driver for this nic. I had trouble with 64 bit driver for soundblaster live 24 bit but i read you have to install manually which i didn't do at the time. I'm suprised realtek is not gonna make a 64 bit driver for the 8029.