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  1. Hello All, Let me say that I have learned so much reading informtion in this forum. I'm truely glad to be a member....some day I can work my way up the food chain. Have a nice Day/night, dr911 Greetings From Las Vegas, NV.
  2. Do I need an XP system or can I run this on 98se OS ??
  3. Hello All, I have a "major" problem with my PC. He goes...I got a HP Pavilion x1963. I'm repairing the PC for a good friend of mine. At first..all that came up was the HP "blue" screen. I reset the battery (resetting the BIO's). Now it comes up with a "black screen" showing all the "Ram"..esc. Now comes a "menu" that says...... Microsoft CD Startup Menu 1. Boot from Hard Drive 2. Boot from CD ROM If I chose #1 (from HD)...nothing happens. Just a black screen. If I chose #2 (CD-ROM) I go through all the options....getting to setting up Windows 98. I chose "install" and it says I don't have enough HD space. I have a 30 Gig HD. I thought about "F-disk" the system...I can even do that ! I even try a "floppy" bootdisk....no luck. I have a "boot disk". Now....do I "f-disk" this thing or what ?? I am running out of options here..please he me !!! Thanks (11