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  1. for a silent install, pretty please Anyone know em ?
  2. Well...a OS install of 12gigs!!! is quite alot....think you can go far less then that....try check the system32 map for log files and $uninstallxxxxxxxxxxxxxx could save a lot, (own experience, we had 4Gig of log from the IIS service..) About the sharepoint, were using it too at my company, but I don't quite understand what your trying to say about the name...Could you please clarify it a bit?
  3. Ok tnx for the help guys
  4. Guess someone took over my post... I don't mind though I fixed mine already
  5. Already fixed the uxtheme part... I just put it in my XP\Professional\I386 folder and it copys it to the %system32 folder
  6. Greetings again, WooW! I almost finished my XP completed unattended install There's only 2 things I don't want it to install msn 4.7 and outlook express, how can I do that? I already saw about the [Components] in the guide but I can't find outlook express I would look like this in my winnt.sif right ? [Components] msmsgs=off msnexplr=off EDIT--> I also want it NO to make any "Shared folders (Gedeelde Documenten)" or My music/My pictures (Mijn muziek/Mijn afbeeldingen), how can I do THAT ? tnx guys
  7. I got that fixed by now, I just put the patched uxtheme.dll in my I386 dir so it get's copy-ed And it works !! Now for my boot menu...
  8. Tnx kelsenellenelvian, that worked ! Now how to make it unattended ?? @ Suryad, themes are enabled in the service menu
  9. Well yea, I believe so, I got it somewhere from here.... Or could anyone post 1 to another patched version ??? Don't know if it nessicarily(orsomethin) but im on WinxpProSP2
  10. Well I figured it out how to install my theme, the boot-thingy didnt work yet though... Only One thing with the themes....They don't work properly The icons and the background ARE changed, but the interface (As you can see on the screenshots) isn't Help ?
  11. Hey guys, I tried something else I've used the guide in here But now when windows is installed (and it reboots) ( this is before all the program's are installed) im getting a error in system32/drivers/ntfs.sys And it says I should enter XP disk and use repair.... How can this happen !!
  12. works ty ! the Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 did the trick
  13. Hello again, it's me again with another question. In the unattended guide there's also a section about themes and boot screen. My question is, (because I downloaded a theme + boot screen) What do I do now? I've tried using bootscreen.cmd (as in the guide) and put my singkrnl.exe in $$\singkrnl.exe and $$\system32\singkrnl.exe But that didn't work :/ As for my themes : There in \$OEM$\$$\Resources\Themes\blabla.theme \$OEM$\$$\Resources\Themes\blabla\babla.msstyles And in winnt.sif : [shell] CustomDefaultThemeFile = "%WinDir%\Resources\Themens\blabla.theme" --EDIT-- LOL line above is the problem, I just see it now when I posted says themens..instead of Themes....DOH gonna try this now
  14. Hey there Cluberti, A minor question Im not using runonceex anyhwere So could I just edit the : --- unattend.cmd --- @echo off %systemdrive%\temp\runonce.cmd regedit /s %systemdrive%\temp\<name of your registry entries>.reg ----------------------- by removing %systemdrive%\temp\runonce.cmd ? Or do I need to replace it by %systemdrive\install\batch_file.cmd (this is what installs all of my program's)
  15. Howdi, I want to one of these files to my unattended installation, This is a boot picture (instead of the silly windows bar that moves during startup) How can I make it unattended? (here are some examples of those files) EDIT Never mind this post, i figured it out, it's just a .exe with lots of spyware...after that you get the file in a normal .rar or .zip ....