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  1. Hi all, First, thanks a lot to marek722 for is wonderful process and also TCP for is "delete batch" I have followed carefully the instructions to build both "SP2 slipstreamed CDs" and "SP2 slipstreamed AIO CD" of my French Office 2003. Everything went fine during the process (no error from msiexec or from the .js script) and after the "delete batch" I get some SP2 CDs or an AIO CD which looks quite OK. However when I try to install the five programs I get the following: Office: NOK (Quickly, before asking for any serial number, I get a popup with "Error 2715. An internal error has occured (IPMAIN11.AW_1036)". Then the installation process is cancelled. Project/Visio: NOK (Idem, with "Error 2715. An internal error has occured (F346 msdapml.dll.E8D71C4B_62C9_4D1B_A02F_C916CAE50331)". Then the installation process is cancelled. Frontpage/Onenote: OK (Installation is OK, and programs seems to run OK). Looks very strange, isn't it? I have repeated marek722 process twice, being very carefully not to forget anything, but I get always this results, whatever on single or AIO built CDs. Any idea why I get those weird errors on 3 out of 5 office 2003 components...? Could it be something linked to the fact I am doing it with a French Office 2003 + French SP2? Anything which could be language specific? Thanks in advance, Stellar7.