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  1. Hi There, This is a great find for me. I am trying to get a AMD A64 up and running and keep getting set-up aborts for driver errors. I know I need the Via Chipset drivers as well as CDROM and EDI HD drivers. None of these are on floppy because the files are too large. I was going to post a question to see if anyone has or would write a program to do just this. Will it work to preload WXP X64 drivers prior to set-up ? Also since I loaded SP3 I can't get pop -ups. I can't download your fine program from here.. It there another place I can download it from ? There are so many hobbiests suffering from not having drivers in their Systems at set-up. NewEgg posts are full of them. I think I will write to NewEgg and tell them about this post. It will help many who have spent a lot of $$ to get into the 64 bit arena. Ron