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  1. Hi just a quick note I have succesfully used the modified sfc.dll from nlite, as well as the one from SP1 mod...inserted the code you mention above into winnt.sif & it works a treat used vortex hacked uxtheme.dll & works fine
  2. Can someone confirm for me, which fixes this rollup replaces so I can dispose of them in the appropriate manner? scratch that MS have updated there site http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=826939 I've also got the rollup still appearing at the update site! used .bat method rather than SVC PACK..doh
  3. Can't wait for SP2 either (made an unattend with SP2 beta build 1213) which installed so quickly was breath of fresh from the hotfix laden copy at the moment...
  4. I wouldn't switch it off untill you have checked your system for viruses & trojans as it sounds like something is trying to replace your system files...& unless its you! its a virus!!!! check your event viewer to see what files the proggy is trying to replace