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  1. My Favourite tool for HD Recovery - used it many times successfully: http://www.runtime.org/data-recovery-software.htm
  2. I wonder why half these PC's aren't on www.BattleOfTheGeeks.com ??
  3. Hi all, One that i can't seem to find any information about. I have a series of ActiveX "Add-Ons" in IE i would like to have installed during the installation progress. Is there anyone to build these into IE? Primarily things like the Skype plugins etc. Presently if i manage Add-Ons in IE there is a "SkypeIEPhone.dll" however i cant find this in the registry nor on the C:\ Drive. How does one go about installing these - can i extract them all somewhere or do i need to have a registry entry as well. Thanks =)
  4. I recently did the same thing by mistake! As long as you havent written anything to the drive since you should find the software below will recover anything. http://www.runtime.org/gdb.htm NOTE: This software does cost money... Good luck Content edited - no discussion of piracy here. --Zxian
  5. They have spam on forums now? *sigh* You CANT be serious! Who is willing to give away ALL of their personal details for a Jamaican offering US money :| to a YAHOO address for a UNDESCRIBED project! WTF!
  6. What exactly did you modify today? - That might help track down what you broke!? The search code/registry entry itself could be in a number of places!
  7. Really good question, id like to know myself actually - only one thought, if your using Windows XP when you see the popup next, what if you right click and go in to that system tray nofication thingy- and set it to "never" show the icon, if it comes up? Just a stab but worth a try. I know you can perm hide other icons, cant see why you couldnt do this one as well!
  8. Watercool it - Works for me *kicks back feet* its a nice 22C over here on my GFX
  9. whats your Vs? it looks very nice http://grrinder.deviantart.com/ << you can get many dif mods of it from here
  10. Mine for April - Enjoy
  11. Thanks all - reg file worked like a charm Still wasnt able to find it in the \Backup folder as specified above - but hey, win some, loose some! Thanks again!
  12. Thanks for the reply however in my C:\WINDOWS\XPize dir i am unable to find any registry files - at all *.reg comes back with nothing Any other suggestions? or a a way i can obtain a copy of this reg file? Cheers
  13. Guys/Gals, Just having some issues with the colouring(im australian hence the spelling) of the cmd.exe after installing latest version. No matter what i do it always ends up blue background/green text. Even if i un-tick the "Colour command line" option during the installer it still changes the colour. Anyway to get around this? Anyone come across it? - I have uninstalled and re-installed a few times. Windows XP Pro SP2 Thankies ppl
  14. My Post Screenshot here!
  15. My desktop for this month My Desktop