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  1. Well since the uk language is removed in nLite, I think you might have to just make another CD
  2. weird, you haven't remove the 16-bit support so how come that's the problem? also 16-bit support is meant for some of the really old softwares so that they could run under Win 2k or newer. In Windows, this refers to the way memory is accessed. 16-bit applications access memory in 16-bit "chunks" (2-bytes). Most DOS and Windows 95 and 98 applications are 16-bit.
  3. Hi guys I have got a VIA chipset, North Bridge: VIA VT8378A UniChrome KM400A South Bridge: VIA VT8237 Can anyone tell me what is the best VIA chipset driver that suit it the best?
  4. Hello!! This is my first time posting on here! So greeting to everybody. Well personaly I run a diskfragment everytime before I shut down my pc, I think that might gain the next boot faster B) but I am not sure.