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  1. I'll be damned... I started from scratch and now it's working... Only difference is that removed stuff (folders, languages, etc.).... Weird! Thanks anyway!
  2. Nope! No Nero and no Firefox. Weird thing is that it's the exact same configuration than before (except not removing stuff in nLite). Btw, I'm using XP with SP3 slipstreamed...
  3. Nope! No Nero and no Firefox. Weird thing is that it's the exact same configuration than before (except not removing stuff in nLite).
  4. I need some help with that one please. Since yesterday I get this message when WPI is about to start installing my applications (after final reboot): D:\WPI\WPI.hta is not a valid Win32 application. Now, the thing is weird because it was working perfectly the days before. The only thing I changed in my ISO (created mostly win nLite) is that I didn't remove anything and didn't do any tweaks. Only things I did were to add some drivers and make it unattended.... WPI works just fine when I populate it on my PC but when installing in Virtual PC it's a no go... Any suggestions? Thanks!
  5. np man! Same as GreenMachine... Only these 3 show-up. Windows Messenger WILL appear if you have it disable during install...
  6. Amazing how the link opens up to MS' home page... There's one http:// too many... Just edit it and it'll work... Here's the "bad" one:
  7. Yeah! It's listed alright! I found out why tho. I have it disable during install via a regedit. I reinstalled it (to check) and went back to windowsupdate. It wasn't listed anymore. Strange tho! One would think that windowsupdate would see the program even tho it's not active.
  8. Mine is about 375. I just have WinRAR and my VIA chipset added to the install. I reduced the size using Gosh's method. I slipstreamed SP2 over a XP SP1 cd. (Clean CD, no hacks, no reduction, just the slipstreamed SP1)
  9. Well! I did a clean install with my new unattended SP2 cd and the only fixes available at windowsupadte were these 4 (all in Optionnal): -Microsoft Windows Journal Viewer -Microsoft .NET Framework version 1.1 -Windows Messenger 4.7 -Update for Windows XP HighMAT Support in CD Writing Wizard (KB831240) Note that my cd didnd't contained ANY hotfixes (type 1 and 2)... I emptied the folders before burning the ISO just to see how many I would get at windowsupdate. So there you have it. An unattended SP2 cd containing NO hotfixes whatsoever should give you the same results.
  10. Yeah! Thx! It's working perfectly... On SP2 final here too...
  11. Ok! Tried to installed from the link above. It's in German.... but I still don't know if it's the real thing...
  12. I d/l from that link but I'm wondering....
  13. It worked great for me... Thx! Btw, I'm a noob when it comes to AutoIT... Do you know where I should go to understand how to use it?
  14. Thx man! Btw, I meant .js files... I'll give the 2nd method a go... Thx again!