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  1. Just use LogonStudio at It's free. Not great but you can re-edit your logonui.exe after it's done if you want to add/delete some things. A lot easier than trying to recreate and recompile all that stuff.
  2. ...also Corp keys don't work for retail versions and vice versa.
  3. That's the one. Thank you.
  4. I think if you create a virtual CD/DVD drive using Alcohol 120 etc you can then mount your ISO and share it on the network.
  5. I need to find the resource file(s) that defines the standard blue background you see when XP displays the Welcome screen or the "Loading your settings screen" and also the logoff screen where it says "saving your settings". My theme is fairly dark and these screens with the light blue really clash with this. I would like to edit them with Reshack and replace the bitmaps if possible. Any help will be much appreciated.