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  1. Operating System: Windows Vista Home Premium WindowBlind Skin: Harmony for vista by vStyler Wallpaper: Harmony wallpaper pack by vStyler Programs: ObjectDock by Stardock I have never seen this thread so dead before.
  2. My Windows Vista Home Premium® Desktop
  3. http://i19.tinypic.com/2wf3cc3.png
  4. i would be happy if i could find out how to install an agp slot, it has in tiny righting on my mother board " agp slot ****" but it's empty lol
  5. I think LE5 is the visual style mr.brownstone is using You welcome
  6. Sure here is the link. It's only 1024x768 though, i made it to go along with the xp classic theme when i didnt have the internet connection (boredom)
  7. I like to keep my desktop pretty basic, click here for full size.
  8. nice simple & clean, where did ya get the wallpaper?
  9. Nice desk you got there
  10. wow this is close lol
  11. lol Thanks
  12. i like mr b's
  13. Click image for full view
  14. Click the image for larger view Edit: Sorry for the double post
  15. thank you very much