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  1. Here is the Windows XP ITA list, updated today with the IE6 security patch
  2. Here is the italian list for WinXP. Contact me if you find something strange or wrong.
  3. Uhm, I think it's not so easy: if you start with a nLite'd os or one with slipstreamed hotfixes, you don't find them in download folder but they're installed. Maybe watching some system file and/or registry?
  4. I'm writing italian version for WinXP 32bit (tomorrow I'll post it). jcarle, what about a new feature to auto-update update lists ?!? And what about a new feature to sort updates by year-month to let users find the last updates they need? Anyway, great work, small exe... really good !!!
  5. If you want I could maintain WinXP SP2 ITALIAN hotfixes list. Every second tuesday of the month I gotta do it for my work (I'm a network administrator) so it won't be a great deal for me.
  6. Well, I'm sure I will: you really are great and your software is a bless for my work. I wrote so many add-ons and customizations in $OEM folder, but without nLite it won't be the same. So, go on with your good work... I wait faithfully !!!
  7. I need to install my WinXP SP2 Pro with SNMP support. Using nLite I have to manually modify the file WINNT.SIF adding [NetOptionalComponents] SNMP=1 Can anyone tell me if there is an "automatic" way to set it using nLite ?!? Thanks