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  1. Hi.. i downloaded .NET Framework v2.0 (22MB) and tried to run it.... but when i run it... the COMMAND PROMPT appears for less than a second and closes.... to see what error it gave.. i first ran command.... then ran the setup from there... it says "Program too big to fit in memory" i guess this is lame error cause i have got 1 gb of RAM... Windows XP SP2.... Please tell what to do ..
  2. HI.. i need to create (or download) something which will make me browse all the files and folders of my pc in a menu form(with icons)... i have the following softwares: ObjectDock ObjectBar WindowBlind SideBar Desktop Sidebar thanks
  3. Here's my first Post to MSFN : I made many different versions of my desktop (changing wallpapers and stuff) and thought to send them all ... but then i guess its a bit rude