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  1. I thought vlk copies of vista were even more of a pain in the a**, since it re-acitvates automatically via the KMS server every 180 days? but yeah, I hear you can back up your activation reliably in vista nowadays. I like the backup feature in ultimate though. took ms long enough to make their own ghost..
  2. it would seem so. 404 every time for a couple days now... :/
  3. what exactly do I do with this now? /edit nvm, read the sticky and it kinda fell into place... lol
  4. I want to remove all of the toolbars from windows explorer. address bar, buttons, and menu. for some reason windows will let me remove the address and button toolbars, but not the menu.. any help is appreciated
  5. this theme needs a thin taskbar. then it'll rock.
  6. vs: royale vista wall: adolescent eyes my browser: firefox 2 with InspiratSE 2.0 theme and compact menu (no menus) add-on browser on remote desktop: firefox no links, but you should be able to find them easily (firefox is flagged in their built-in spell
  7. tablet pc..
  8. classic has never looked better. imo.
  9. mine for the month! clean: not clean:
  10. litestep? if so, what theme?
  11. made a few improvements..and pimpin the new dvd burner! I <3 the gant bricopack
  12. I have something even better...: I have imageshack.
  13. possibly, it may be what I'm looking for..I'll check it out later, sleep now though. today I'm to be hitting 36 hours at, and they wonder why the labor cost spikes when I clock in..
  14. dirty: clean: question: I remember there being some sort of app/widget that showed your drive's stats. like, free space, total size, name of the drive.. could someone tell me the name of this app? now that I have a dock, it's kinda annoying to have to go through my computer to find out how much free space I have.. and hopefully those apps are multi-monitor compatable, like rocketdock! btw, rocketdock wins all edit: what zxian has