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  1. are you sure, i've tried but it's not work
  2. I resetup my PC, and run it, sfman32.dll missing << I don't know why, hardware >> software .. And some dll missed, like ksuser.dll, ksproxy.dll ... I've scanned virus by NOD32, nothing here. I find some file to replace and death screen come . it had never happen before
  3. NOD32 for me ............
  4. I'm a fan of Maxthon ; The reason ? ok : 1- It's quite quick, browse almost sites well. Support very good Unicode 2- A lot of Plugins, i like them so much . I can surf web easily 3- Eat around 20mb of RAM , crazyly FireFox : I love extension, but it eats too much ram Opera : little plugins but Fastest browsers . And eat around 100mb, it is good but support Unicode not good. Sorry for my poor English, I'm Vietnamese, Unicode is important with me . Hello all
  5. OK i'm Vietnamese , and the same to you in ENg . I will try . Thank you
  6. I want to install my unattended Windows on HDD . Because i don't have CDRW and if i can install on HDD , i can change everthing easily . Thank you very much and hello everyone
  7. Ninio1985 : I like your desk , because the simple and I think it's really nice to use everyday