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  1. Hi! I new to this board and I have a few simple questions... 1) What are the differences among those patches for W98 that can be found in the sticky threads...? 98 SE SP 2.1a 98SE2ME: ME -> 98 SE Killer Replacements Windows 98 Revolutions Pack Lite Installation Guide for Win98 SE SP 2.0 Service pack for Windows 98 Standard (First, Gold) ...and the alternative USB driver Maximus Decim Native USB ver.2.2 2) Is it possible to include all of those updates into an instalation CD of W98 se? If yes, how? 3) What do you recommend me to try out first? Unfortunately I don't enough time to inspect all of the possibilities right now but I'm in hurry, to instal a brand new instalation of W98 to my friends computer so I want to gain some of the advantages that are presented here!