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  1. Thanks for assistance .... I went to used winrar to open/view extract netcpl.cpl to folder go to windows/system rename existing netcpl.cpl to netcpl.old move new netcpl.cpl into windows/system reboot PC ...... still have problem ..... when I select the desired network adapter then try to add protocol tcp/ip , the ADD does not work .... Im starting to think a system registry must be corrupted ..... Thanks, Gary
  2. Any Updates ? Ideas ?? Thanks, GR
  3. Thanks for the reply .... [1001.SYS build 1.00.0903.2001]: is the driver Im using that I downloaded. The driver seems ok as the Network adapter shows up in Device Manager and Control Panel/Network ... The problem is that I cant add TCP/IP to that network adapter ..... The ADD button doesnt do anything .. Therefore I am stuck and cannot complete Network adapter install. Still unable to contact Siemens tech support due to their limited hours. Peace, GR
  4. Laptop: Gateway SOLO 9300 CX PIII - 750Mhz Max RAM = 544Mb 12Gb HD 15" Screen TV-OUT CD/DVD (Read Only)
  5. Currently I am using PCMCIA-Ethernet Adapter card to use cable modem/service. I have a need to use Siemens SpeedStream 1001 USB-Ethernet Adapter which is not working now after install. See signature for my PC profile. During the install of the USB-Ethernet Adapter from its CD I noticed a file from the C:drive was not found ..."svrapi.dll". This may be the cause of the USB adapter not working. I contacted cable company who checked a few things and concluded after checking winipcfg, that the TCP/IP settings for the USB adapter was missing. The device did not show up in the drop down box of winipcfg. I am also unable to ADD TCP/IP for the USB-EThernet device ... Appreciate any help Peace, GR
  6. Hello All, Warm Greetings from Sunny South Florida, West Palm Beach.... I am running Windows 98 SE on a laptop Gateway SOLO 9300 CX with 544MB (RAM), 12GB HD ...., CD (read only), DVD (read only) I am trying to extend the life of this laptop as I wait for VISTA to arrive and mature before buying another laptop. Ive heard that VISTA may hit mainstream in 2007. Glad to be aboard as I have learned the benefits of forums. Peace, GR