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  1. I need some technical help on the usb driver. I have installed the driver in my Windows 98 and most of the devices were detected correctly. I have a 865G chip board and therefore the board should have USB 2.0 ready. I have also download and installed the USB 2.0 driver from Intel and the device manager contained the following USB controller: "Intel® 82801EB USB2 Enhanced Host Controller - 24DD" However, when I attached the external hdd and start transferring a folder with around 260MB content, it required more than 5 minutes to finish. So it should end up using USB 1.1 for transfer. So, my question is: 1. Do the driver support USB 2.0 with high speed? 2. How can I prove or determine if the device is running at USB 2.0 speed? (except from the transfer speed) 3. Any other suggestion to speed up the transfer? 4. A sidetracked question. How could I make 2 identical USB-IDE devices co-exist? Thanks alot
  2. Great Problem here. I am happy with the Maximum-Decim Native USB driver for a period of time. However, when I decide to add one more external USB disk (I already have an identical one), the system just cannot recognize the new disk. Only if I eject the existing drive, the new drive probe up. Are there any methods that can make them co-exist? thanks