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  1. holy moly nice now how to import a reg into nlite for my next XP install
  2. well i can have a go at making the icons look a bit more windows 2k style but apart from that i am not too sure
  3. also 7z is also a nice zip program change it to the windows 2k shell and put it in 5.1 and unlocker should be in it too it is one of the most useful programs ever ps did not see the link to the boot screen at the bottom sorry about that
  4. unlocker kill any file that is in use by a process also do you have a link to the bootscreen file thanks
  5. ok thanks i will have a play around with the EIO AP1600 ATA133 IDE Controller Card and see if i can get it working without the floppy
  6. hia will this work for any riad device you are installing on say EIO AP1600 ATA133 IDE Controller Card for example