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  1. why you pack the complete folder rom adware not with winrar and make an sfx ? adaware dont need an install
  2. thats cool : winamp installs in without any user input ^^ thnx
  3. kk i understand good luck i am shut up now
  4. you must make an compressde file autorun.exe wich includes the data folder( docs by default ) better to look for help here: but dont ask for warez there
  5. ok people i have upgradet / slipstreamed sp2 now first: the cd is now 550 mb big after integrating then i tried nlite to remove unwantet apps and crap now the cd is the 350 mb big ( with sp1 only 230 mb ) when i tried now the updatepack from Sereby what excatly will this do ? overwrite all files on ths cd with newer versions ? when should is use his pack ? bevor i use nlite or after nlite reduction ? the prob is: i would this cd use on an laptop withou an dvd rom drive, and i will integrate some appz hope you can me answer, so tah i understand this ( i am a noob )
  6. hmm i have servaral versions of winPe, most of them are costumized exemplae: - miniPE.v2k5.09.03-XT.iso from digiwiz( contains many appz ) - barts pe special edition from an german computermagazin called "C'T" + some pe plugins and same multiboot recovery cd's wich contains most of the imaging appz ( norton/acronis etc. ) these all using winPe with the option during boot prozess to integrate an sata/raid mass storage drive with the funktions key F6 i dont know how can you build in this option in your norton recovery cd sorry
  7. mean you the menue from the first post o mean you the standard setup.exe ? the first, including mine menue, is making wit an 3rd party app you cann use every tool / app to make your own setup/install menue
  8. hmmm ok then can man make nothing i wont sp2 ...
  9. habe aber nur winxp sp1 have only winxp sp1 what did this pack exactly do ?
  10. hi there i have a question to integrate some/all updates in an win xp version i would make it so 1. extract the updates and replace the files with the orginale one on the wincd 2. then i would it burn and have a aktual win version without slipstreaming is sowhat possible ?
  11. i have canceled all my projects now ^^ the vol10 was the latest anyway: you shuold optimize your background and the buttons the info of the AIO is importent, not the grafik ^^
  12. hmm i use didgiwiz minipe 2005 09.03 ( i dont give the link to anyone ^^ ) build with barts PE and runs fine M$ PE is ... crap thats true
  13. hi there here is the link to NANO Win98 ~ 4,8 MB Size here the org. thread in engl.
  14. i use german xp thats is the default i have this copyed from the tool what is in the folder support/tools/ => setupmgr i would see, if this app generate a error free winnt.sif with the correct value but i get also the default: "ARBEITSGRUPPE" instand of privat result of the app: [identification] JoinWorkgroup = PRIVAT <<< with space within = and PRIVAT ok i try your value with quotas hope i have luck
  15. indigo rose forum price of this app ~ 500US $